Dec 11


If you’ve ever been to Santa Barbara, you know that there are a bunch of amazing local spots to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner at. From Japanese to French cuisine, we’ve got some special local restaurants that are dear to our hearts here in Santa Barbara. The staff has chosen their ultimate favorite places, which I’m sure was extremely hard, as there are just so many great eateries sprinkled throughout Santa Barbara county.

Jacob chose Bouchon. “The most fresh farm to table comfort food paired with hand picked wines. Worth every dollar.”

Matt picked a French favorite, Renaud’s. “Love the chicken sandwich on their freshly baked French roll.”

Mike went for the ramen at Itsuki. “Amazing Ramen and Udon, great sizzling plates, highly recommended in their new location, although sadly they moved 8 miles farther away from me! I still proudly support.”

Sean picked a great local favorite, Lily’s Tacos. “They have eyeball tacos (which are delicious by the way).”

Haaris also chose Lily’s Tacos and added Brophy Brothers and Metropulos. He just can’t get enough of Metropulos’ Friday Gyro special!

Tracy loves Zaytoon. “Best atmosphere in a restaurant I’ve ever been to, I love taking people here. The salmon with basil cream sauce is insane.”

Calia loves sushi, so she had to pick one of the best sushi restaurants in town, Arigato. “I love Arigato. Probably some of the best sushi I have ever had! Their restaurant has a great vibe, too. Love bringing my friends here when they are in town and craving some top of the line sushi!”

Steve chose Julienne. “Best food in town.”

Our first Italian pick, Tad went for Gino’s Sicilian Express. “Love the slice/salad special.”

Drew went all out, choosing his favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “Breakfast: Scarlett Begonia, guaranteed to give you a great day. Lunch: Burger Bus, respect for places that obsess over each ingredient. Dinner: Los Agaves, I would direct deposit a chunk of my paycheck here if it were possible.”

Justin closes up our list with Jane. “One of the first ‘casual yet fancy’ restaurants I went to in Santa Barbara and you’ve gotta love a restaurant that has a stellar burger on the menu next to the roast lamb shanks. Also their fries are phenomenal and they have soft-serve. Just sayin’.”

Now you know what places to hit when you’re in the Santa Barbara area! Where should we eat for lunch today?!