August 2010

Aug 30



The Jonas Brothers, that enthusiastic and phenomenally successful tween sensation, has joined together with OfficeMax in a sort of powerhouse Twitter promotion to incite fans to tweet in order to receive a free download off their new album and be entered into a free concert ticket promotion.

The sweepstakes reflects the legitimacy of Social Media promotion tools and the inflow of major artists into such mediums. A far cry from a simple “click Like” type promotion found on Facebook, the Jonas Brother Twitter promotion actually has a unique website dedicated solely to the sweepstakes.

It is a cross promotion twitter site, run by PromoJam, one not only dedicated to the diffusion of Jonas Brother product, but to another promotion associated with OfficeMax. A sort of one-two punch if you will, with Fanscape behind it all. With the incentive of free music, fans in turn promote an OfficeMax free tour ticket contest. No doubt the OfficeMax sponsorship is in relation to “back to school” season,  with the name OfficeMax connected to the Jonas Brothers in hopes to have kids associate the “cool band” with a supplier of much needed binders and notebooks.

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Aug 30


Social Media Monopoly

Author: brendan

This board isn’t really informative at all, but it sure is funny if you’re familiar with the social media landscape!

(We love how Myspace is jail….)

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Aug 26


Think of Fan Interaction as a Game and Get Results

Author: brendan
Game Dynamics

I just watched a fascinating TED talk (read about TED), titled Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world, that really struck a chord with me. 

Here’s the TED description of the talk:

By now, we’re used to letting Facebook and Twitter capture our social lives on the web—building a “social layer” on top of the real world. At TEDxBoston, Seth Priebatsch looks at the next layer in progress: the “game layer,” a pervasive net of behavior-steering game dynamics that will reshape education and commerce

Here’s why it’s interesting to you:

Anytime you are looking to get interaction from your fans, you need to think of it as a game.

When I first started watching the talk, I didn’t think it would be that relevant to my work, as I don’t consider myself in the “gaming” industry.  But the point that Seth really capitalized on is that the last decade has been all about ‘social’; this next decade is all about ‘games’.  These aren’t your traditional games that you would play on a board, television, or a computer screen—these ‘games’ are small ideas that capture a users interest and influences behavior.

Example in the music industry:

Let’s take Topspin’s Email for Media widget.  Think of this small widget (click for example) as a game.  The prize for winning is a free mp3.  How do you win?


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Aug 24


SFD Review:


Throughout the last decade, I have ventured to hundreds of concerts and music festivals, some great shows, some not so great shows. During this time I have created a mental list of everyone I absolutely must see before I die. At the very top of my list is Dave Matthews Band. Even though they tour almost every summer, I unfortunately, have never had the privilege to see DMB - I’m either too late to buy tickets or in the wrong city at the wrong time. So, Dave Matthews has been on my concert radar for years, and this past Saturday I finally was able to catch the band live in concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California. Even though the Verizon Amphitheater and venues similar to it (i.e. the Hollywood Bowl) are probably my least favorite due to their massive size - the sound quality projected by this extremely talented band probably topped my favorites list when it comes to overall concert experiences. They kicked the night off with “Minarets” a low key song to get the crowd's attention and then jumped right into their jam band sessions with songs like “Shake me Like a Monkey” and “Funny the Way It Is” from their latest album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. A few of the highlights from the show included the 1995 single, “Satellite,” and the amazing light and video show that accompanied all of their songs. But the light and video show that became especially apparent was during the song, “You Might Die Trying,” from the 2005 album, Stand Up. The flashing black and white video images appeared on the LED monitors in some kind of ripple effect that gave the crowd the illusion that they were spinning away with the band or at least that we were all trapped inside one of those incredibly groovy lamp shades that spin and create images on the walls around them. Just when we thought the night was winding down, Dave came back on for an acoustic, encore performance of Pete Seeger’s, “Rye Whiskey.” He was then accompanied by the other band members and finished off the night with the classic DMB jam, “Jimi Thing,” complete with an instrumental battle between Dave on guitar and Boyd Tinsley on violin. BigWhiskeyThe sound quality of the concert was amazing, better than any DMB album I have ever purchased. The lights and video show were unbelievable (however, Muse at Coachella might be tied with DMB for the light display), so needless to say - I can now die happy. Check out DMB's latest studio album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, I promise you won't be disappointed. Click here to view the setlist from August 21, 2010

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Aug 18


Oniracom’s Summer Reading List

Author: brendan

Our staff is constantly reading in order to stay on top of changes in the music and technology industries. Maybe more importantly, we read to stay on top of how those changes affect our industries and their consumers.

In case you are also the type of person who pushes to stay ahead of the curve, I’ve polled our staff to share what we’ve been reading and finding interesting.

Check out the widget below to see what we’ve been reading….

Your Turn:
What else should we be reading??  Comment below!

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Aug 17


SFD Review:

Root For RuinLes Savy Fav’s long awaited follow up to their 2007 Let’s Stay Friends has been on the horizon for some time now. LSF has strategically upped the anticipation for their fifth studio LP, Root For Ruin, by releasing the single 'Let’s Get Out of Here' this July, followed by the release of the album’s multi-angle mirror/red fishnet cover art and complete track list.


RFR Tracklist The album, officially out on September 14, has not-so-unfortunately leaked, as the wily indie band has acknowledged. They’ve handled the inevitability with humor: “OK, so you got our leaked record. At least now you know how awesome it is. We're sure you really just are desperate for a way to pay us for the thing.” Since, the band decided to push up the release of the album, which is now available exclusively on iTunes.


The record is the product of the band working closely together with little outside input.


“With our last album, we wanted to cavort around the world and try some freaky stuff,” said vocalist Tim Harrington in a press release. LSF’s Seth Jabour adds, “with [Root For Ruin], it turns out we enjoy making love with one another more than with a group of strangers.”


2007’s Let’s Stay Friends remains Les Savy Fav at their best, offering chaotic and urgent punk with catchy hooks. After hearing Root For Ruin, you could categorize it as a transitional period for LSF. The abrasive noisy punk of old, meets the rock pop of new. Root For Ruin fits firmly in the latter genre. The opening track ‘Appetites’ and the most recent single ‘Let’s Get Out of Here’ are driven and simplistically catchy, making themselves instant shout-alongs. ‘Dear Crutches’ switches the mood to be more relaxed and well thought out.


Indie album review blog, Misc. Music, describes Les Savy Fav as having a talent for “making well crafted [songs], appear to be accidental streams of thought or just jamming sessions…or in other words, truly genius.”


The band is planning to tour in the fall, so keep checking back for tour dates and updates. Ironically enough, the website is nearly bare, with content only posted to redirect you to one of their multiple alternate sites. For the most exhaustive content, visit their page on Frenchkiss Records here.

Les Savy Fav 2010
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Aug 12


We are very excited to have recently launched the new website for our label, Oniric Records.

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Aug 11


A big thank you to Matthew McAvene and Atman for their amazing efforts at turning Oniracom’s concrete floors into a work of art.  Instead of buying and laying tile, why not Faux paint tiles on your concrete floor?

Here’s how to do it yourself….



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Aug 06




Peter Tanham of Amp Music Marketing writes, “When we start working with any musician, two of the most important goals we start with are:

    1.) Build a strong mailing list
    2.) Build a popular Facebook page

Fans are going to be more comfortable interacting with the artist through these mediums, and they are also the ones that drive the most sales.”

Highlights from this article include:

  • The importance of Facebook Ads

  • Implementing effective Facebook Ads

  • 1.) If You Like Those Guys…  it’s called a “power play,” pick musicians that are similar to your style and pay to be played to their fans.

    2.) Building A Good Landing Page: make sure your Facebook ad redirects them to a customized landing page which will encourage them to click the “like” button with some incentive to hear or get your music. Make sure it is the most similar sounding music to the artist you referred to in the “power play.”

    3.) Target Your Ads… and run multiple campaigns!

    4.) Ask Questions. Encourage Clicks and Likes - (reference pseudo ad image on the left).

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    Aug 06


    SFD Review:


    Awash with the memories of they're travels, Mineral Stills album "Visions" seems to encompass a travelers log placed on top of a rising mix of indie, blues and southern riffs. It is not for the most part an abstract album, far removed from the psychedelic digital atmospheres prevalent today, Memory Stills have produced an album raw and analog. The first highlight of the album comes in the form of a down and hell bent southern riff in "Keep It On The Level". It races along with images of the underbelly of society, pretty great vibes. Another highlight is the contemplative and exploratory "Sea of Trees". An inspiring account of a journey beneath pines, the muffled sound of snow is accounted for in lyrics like "frozen trees, evergreens, covering the moonlight as you slip away, out before anyone knows" and conjures up images of a silent escape discovering the Sierra Nevada mountain range. "Visions" as a whole seems to be quite a personal album, a call to free experience. It doesn't aim to be revolutionary in technique or musical process but it has the possibility to connect with the listener in a positive manner. I would say their sound has many contemporaries, which is not a bad thing in any sense, and they're song writing prose has the advantage of simplicity that lets listeners into the bands experiences.

    Album Rating: 6/10

    In terms of their online and social media presence, I'm afraid I can't find any evidence of their prominence. The bands album site, run through Band Camp, doesn't have links to any of their own social media profiles. A quick search of "Mineral Stills" does bring one to their site but no social network links are to be seen besides Last.FM which provides no bio or even images of the band. The Band Camp site offers a way to "share" an album track which does encourage the proliferation of their music but it is rather ambiguous on the site and the simple "share' drop down link doesn't stand out. They're website is essentially just a merchandise vehicle. The only MySpace I could find for a band called "Mineral Stills" is a defunct band from Texas. They're Band Camp site seems intent on the advantage of online retail however, offering options to consumers to pay what they choose for the album (as long it is more than $5 for the album and $.50 per track which is very reasonable) and giving plenty of links to do so. With just a few hours of social networking development, Mineral Stills could establish a much stronger online presence, giving the opportunity to expose more people to their music and, as they put it, get more revenue which "goes directly toward making more tunes." Some improvements would need to be made to elevate their presence beyond it's current clumsy state.

    As a side note, they have an excellent album booklet which you get as a bonus with the purchase of "Visions." The booklet contains some pretty amazing photography of road trips taken decades ago, a really great compliment to the music which really helps connect the vision of the album to the viewer. This product could be emphasized in different forms and compliment the site in a more effective way.

    Website Rating: 5/10

    Social Rating: 3/10

    Overall Rating: 4.7/10

    Visit Them Online: Mineral Stills Last.FM

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    Aug 03


    SFD Review:

    WildTrapezeBrandon Boyd of Incubus recently released his first solo album. Here, we review "The Wild Trapeze," along with, as we like to do, his websites and social media presence.





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