Mar 15


Check out this short video of the Oniracom booth at SXSW.  To keep up with all the action at SXSW be sure to follow us:

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Feb 15


Team Coco

Oniracom has teamed up with our good friends at SoundCloud to bring you the first listen of
G. Loves latest release from Brushfire Records, Fixin’ To Die, exclusively on Conan O’Brien’s website Team Coco.  Head over to to hear the full album a week before it hits stores and you can download an exclusive track right on G. Love’s website.

Team Coco


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Jan 31


First trailer for an App?

Author: specialed
Angry Birds

Thats right, it looks as if Angry Birds and the new movie Rio have teamed up to make a new App, check out the trailer for it.  I dont know if it will be any good or just a gimmick but I do know that i’m buying it. 

I’ve never seen a trailer for an App before.

Anyways just incase you dont know what Rio is check out the trailer for it here.

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Jan 11



My favorite time of the year is here, it’s Festival Season!!  The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is taking place from January 27th to February 6th.

This years festival promises to be a little bit different with the addition of New Media.  They plan to update festival goers via Twitter and Facebook and even have a give-away or two.  Here is what they have to say:


This year SBIFF will undertake a massive social media campaign throughout the course of the festival. SBIFF will utilize both Facebook and Twitter in order to enhance the festival experience for festival attendees, filmmakers, and press.

• Both Facebook and Twitter will serve as valuable resources, providing up to the minute information on program changes and announcements. With these tools, festival attendees will be given many new ways to actively participate in events and activities. Throughout the 11 days, there will be many exciting opportunities to win film tickets, party passes, tribute tickets, and festival memorabilia. SBIFF also encourages everyone to share their favorite moments, films, and photos as the festival progresses, many of which may be reposted or tweeted.
• For filmmakers, these tools will be utilized to both promote their film at the festival, and also to network with other filmmakers and industry insiders in attendance.
• Members of the press should also take note as these tools will be used to make valuable announcements and highlight published coverage.

Now as much as this sounds like a great idea, it has been my experience from other festivals and conferences that the promise is never delivered.  Festival goers are promised to be given cutting edge to the minute updates but it is usually the main person running the festival who is in charge of updating, and he/she obviously gets too busy and does not have time to make any updates.  Or the responsibility gets handed down to a new intern who is way too excited to be there and also does no updating but is instead throwing up in some green room.

I hope that the film festival has taken this new role seriously and will be updating frequently, although im not sure since their Facebook page does not have a custom URL (, the bio is from 2010, and they haven’t even created any events for their panels and award ceremonies.

For more information on the festival where I plan to spend a lot of time check out the links bellow

SBIFF Website



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Nov 04


FaceTimeApple has recently release the public beta version of FaceTime for the Mac.  This means that you can connect to iPhones and iPod touch from your Mac and have a face to face conversation.  Here at Oniracom we can benefit from this if we have someone stuck at the airport when they are supposed to be at a meeting in the office etc.  It works pretty smoothly as it gets all of your contacts from your cell phone and they can FaceTime with you using your email address.

FaceTime still requires you to be connected to wifi on your mobile so no meetings from the beach yet.

Download FaceTime for Mac here


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Jul 05


iMovie App for the iPhone Test

Author: specialed

I recently downloaded the iMovie App for the iPhone 4 and decided to give it a test drive.

I spent 15 minutes shooting and editing a short video to see how it compared to my limited skills on the full version.

It was fairly easy to drag videos from my library into iMovie and select a them and add captions and music.  I than went back to try and add some more clips and some photos but when i inserted them between other clips it kept the original length of my video and squished the other clips around the new one to make room for it.  It would not let me stretch my video longer to make room for the new clips and it seems that it might be best to have the order of your video figured out ahead of time, kinda lame.
Also I now know that it might be best to hold the phone in landscape move since the transitions and themes will be set for landscape.
It was cool to be able to add my own song and also mute the sound of my video clips in order to keep the song playing, or if you don’t, it would automatically lower the volume on the song to hear your video.

Check out the short video I made and watch it in HD.

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Mar 30


Will you or Wont you buy the new iPad?

Author: specialed
Oniracom & the iPad

The good folks over at Mashable recently published an article talking about who would buy the new iPad.  It got us here at Oniracom wondering who among us would buy the new iPad.  This is what some Oniracom employees had to say about Apple’s latest Magical hardware:

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Mar 26


Slightly Stoopid has had a long and successful career and they have never forgotten to give back.  They have been ambassadors for I Went Hungry by donating to their cause and more recently they are heading down to Florida to show their support for Save My Oceans.

This is from their newsletter:

On Saturday March 27, Slightly Stoopid is heading south to Gainesville, FL to play a special show at The University of FL on Flavet Field, brought to you by Save My Oceans. This show is FREE and open to the public! Our boy G. Love & Special Sauce will kick off the show.

The SAVE MY OCEANS TOUR is part of Participant Media’s Social Action campaign for OCEANS, which recently launched online at, and is designed to provide information about the various issues currently affecting our oceans as well as solutions and actions that people can take every day, from supporting national oceans policy to modifications in the types of fish they eat or household cleaning products they use.

We at Oniracom have had a long partnership with Heal The Ocean and like to partner with like minded people, groups and organizations so its great to see our clients Silverback Mangement (Slightly Stoopid) and G. Love and Special Sauce backing this great cause.

Save My Oceans
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Dec 01


iPhone Video: Marc B

Author: specialed

Check out this video of Marc B performing with Maxx Farris at the Sandbar in Santa Barbara.

They jam out a medley of Sublime and Bob Marley and The Wailers.

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Oct 21


Rumors are starting to fly about Googles new music service.

It seems as if the service will be going after Bing who is trying to offers users a better search engine.  Google’s music service would simply be an upgrade to their search results for music.  If you search for an artist like Jack Johnson it would now give you a small list of some of his most popular songs and videos pulling data from music services such as LaLa, MySpace, and iLike.  You can stream the music right there on the same search results page, watch the video and even click a link to download and buy it.  While nothing is official yet we have been working on updating some of our clients on those music services just in time for press release.

Check out the sneak peak at what the service might look at over at TechCrunch.

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