May 2014

May 30


May Staff Playlist

Author: cheyenne

Our theme this month is prep music! We’ve compiled our favorite background music to listen to while preparing or serving food. And it turned out to be a blend of pump-up jams and chill-wave flows for your enjoyment.

While I prep pure aggressive hip hop:

Wu Tang - “Ice Cream”
Hodgy Beats - “Turnt Down”
Odd Future or OFWGKTA - “Bitches Brewin”
Odd Future or OFWGKTA - “Bubble Gum”
Tyler the Creator - “Tamale”

When we eat it’s all about instrumentals and beats:

Flying Lotus - “Beginners Falafel” 
Omega One - “The Hashishin”
Boris - Flood (entire record)

Boards of Canada - “Turquoise Hexagon Sun”
Tycho - “A Walk”
Sea Wolf - “Whirlpool”

Toro Y Moi and then Electric Guest if I need to get into a good mood.

The XX - “Intro”
Tycho - “A Walk”

The Siket Disc!

Here’s a sample track “What’s the Use?” from the epic instrumental Phish album.

Wikipedia says: 
“The Siket Disc emerged from material developed during the Bearsville Studio sessions for Phish’s 1998 album The Story of the Ghost. Not exactly outtakes or unfinished songs, The Siket Disc’s compositions are actually select excerpts from the long-form improvisation of the “Ghost Sessions”. The Phish keyboard player Page McConnell edited and mastered the selections into this compilation, named for engineer John Siket”

Fink is pretty good for background music - “Perfect Darkness”, “Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us”
But I listen to Live Phish Radio a lot too.

The XX - “Sunset”
How To Dress Well - “Repeat Pleasure”

Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne - “Rather Be”
Classixx - “Holding On”

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May 23


Jacob and Sean ventured out to Florida and North Carolina this week to kickstart the killer new Oniracom platform called Storywall for Jack Johnson’s “From Here to Now To You” Tour.

Storywall boasted huge success for Jack Johnson’s social action campaign, All At Once, where concert-goers can participate in Capture Your Commitment by pledging to support plastic free initiatives and sustainable local food systems by eating locally grown meals, participating in beach clean ups, and more!

Our Storywall platform not only fed in all Instagram photos with hashtags #AAOPlasticFree and #AAOLocalFood, but also showcased the non profits from that specific show directly onto the big screens throughout the Village Green and on the stage for everyone to see!

We are thrilled to have launched this platform for Jack’s entire North American tour as we have worked with Jack’s team since Oniracom founded in 2001. Although Jacob and Sean had very little sleep this week getting everything prepped, organized and implemented — the end result put a huge smile on everyone’s face during the show.

Check out more photos below and be sure to play a few fun Go Pro videos that Jacob filmed during the show. We will have a full case study video ready within the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more Storywall updates by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!







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May 16


Twitter’s Impact on Social Media and the World

Author: elvis

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has moved from a glorified status update service (such as Facebook offers) to an impactful and important source of news information and public advocacy. Twitter’s momentum grew significantly from 2006 to 2011 as celebrities and politicians began to use it as an announcement and communication platform and the number of active monthly users reached over 100 million.

Many companies have found huge success in twitter marketing campaigns, boosting both products and services, as well as support for non-profit initiatives. More powerfully, the last few years have led twitter into the realm of political and social action and reporting. Egypt’s 2011 protests saw twitter used to broadcast information and plans for organizing public protests to government action in the Egyptian Revolution. Twitter statistics are also frequently used as news in and of themselves, often serving as a basis for election and event predictions and turnouts. As of 2013, Twitter’s active monthly user base had grown to over 200 million.

The recent abduction of 276 young Nigerian school girls by terrorist organization Boko Haram has prompted a twitter response that exemplifies the power that the social media giant can hold. As the Nigerian government works to bring its girls to safety, the twitter hashtag #bringourgirlshome has circulated the globe, uniting supporters everywhere. In upholding a unified social media tag like this, supporters worldwide have gained the collective power to influence the agenda of political authorities to focus on helping retrieve the stolen girls from their captors. Numerous celebrities have endorsed #bringbackourgirls with their support and have raised immense awareness from their extensive and passionate followings.

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May 15


Late Night Talk Show Scene: Starring Musical Guests

Author: nicoleleza

Why should we care what kind of music taste late night TV hosts have?

Late night talk shows showcase the hottest musical talent while introducing audiences to new artists. This current evolving late night talk show scene has been a major boost in promoting rising musical artists. Performances on recent shows such as, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” can make for a band’s big break.

On February 18th 2014, Jimmy Fallon made a debut on NBC’s new “Tonight Show” and contributed his own music taste to the program with a popular performance from U2. Fallon will have a high need to continue to bring talented musicians on the “Tonight Show” in competition with the other late night talk shows. For example, “Late Night” has seen some great musical acts, whether it has been indie rockers (Hot Chip, Wilco, Regina Spektor, SIlversun Pickups) or classic artists (Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Tom Morello).

Some argue that Fallon helped the singer-songwriter, Bon Iver, gain popularity and success in 2012 from his performance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.  Check out Bon Iver’s NPR Music interview along with his live performances from “Late Night” and “The Colbert Report”.

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May 13


Packaging Design Inspiration!

Author: lucy

When it comes to product packaging, looks do really matter. Thousands of companies have bid their farewells to the plain and ordinary in exchange for more unique and pleasing design elements. Products ranging from clothes to food to household items are now dressed and presented in interesting shapes and sizes to attract consumers, and to hopefully end up on their Instagram accounts.

Creative product packaging benefits both the seller and the buyer. It delights us and perhaps even inspires us to think differently; we like to think that the manufacturer customized the products for our pleasure. Not only is creative packaging visual pleasing for all, it also adds marketing perks for the company and future-customers. According to research done by DotCom Distribution, 35% of consumers developed a new brand after seeing the retailer’s packaging carried around in public, 90% of consumers reuse packaging, and 25% of consumers are likely to share social media photos of attractive product packaging. Once an image becomes shared or tweeted, it has the potential to land on multiple network feeds. Here are some of our favorite picks:

Chase Kettl wedding invites
Wedding invites no longer have to be in traditional paper and ink form. Graphic Designer Chase Kettl created invitations with a combination of different materials and typography.

Ben Yi Top Paw
You can now stylishly carry your furry friend’s food in Ben Yi’s Top Paw dog food dispenser. The dispenser features a food compartment as well as a handle and pouring pouch.

MochiThings Giving Tree Stickies
MochiThings’s Giving Tree Stickers put a playful and thoughtful spin on stickies. Take one, add your note, and watch the stump shrink!

Origami tea
Nathalia Ponomareva has artistically reinvented tea pouches. Her origami bird tea combines two Japanese traditions (tea and origami) and is pleasing to the eye.

Poilu Paintbrushes
Poilu uses the paintbrush bristles to portray beards of the drawn faces on the cardboard. The brush hair is even dyed to give a range of natural human hair colors!

Kolle Rebbe Parmesan Pencil
If you’re a cheese lover, this pencil is for you. Kolle Rebbe’s Parmesan Pencil comes in a pack of three. Customers are instructed to sharpen the pencil with the enclosed sharpener to create delicious strands of Parmesan.

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May 02



Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 3rd! Take part in the stories and artwork that have sparked our imagination as well as the upcoming summer feature films, which we are all excited to see. Celebrate at a participating comic book store, throw on your cosplay outfit, and get ready to geek out!

Santa Barbara’s very own local comic book and gaming store, Metro Entertainment is having special events to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. This Saturday, they will be giving out free comic books, door prizes and storewide sales. They are also hosting autograph signings with the artists and writers of the Simpsons, plus another celebrity appearance from a Clone Trooper! Check out this site for the full schedule.



In addition to our local comic book celebrations, Free Comic Book Day is taking place across the U.S. as well as worldwide. The comic book origins of these rich, epic, and fantastical stories can also be seen as they appear in this year’s major studio feature film line-up. This Friday, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released in theaters.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Release Date: May 2, 2014

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