Aug 26


There are many updates to be expected in the social media realm—Ads on Snapchat, ad opportunities on Instagram, and Vine video imports/edits are on their way!

Recently, Instagram launched a suite of deeper analytics for advertisers that is made to offer greater visibility into viewing campaigns on the network. The program will be rolled out to Instagram’s ad partners such as Levi’s, Hollister, Taco Bell, and more. It will leverage Facebook’s demographic information and let advertisers see an age- and sex-based breakdown of users interacting with branded messages. The metrics will allow advertisers to get a detailed view of all ads and posts which can be sorted by impressions, likes and chronology. According to a post by Mashable, “The idea is to see which types of creative are working best.” This will be a great tool and insight for brands to be more effective with advertisements on Instagram.

Along with updates and ads, Snapchat is planning to jump on the bandwagon and broaden its offerings with ads, TV and movie clips and news articles. The content would display on its ad service called Snapchat Discovery. Brands like Taco Bell and McDonald’s have already launched accounts on Snapchat and others have made deals with stars on the platform to distribute branded messages. Snapchat plans to woo advertisers by reaching out to companies with its “Snaps” concept and having ad messages sent over the service. It is to be expected this November to start seeing more promotions through Snapchat “stories” or content from TV shows. Find out more on the Snapchat report here.

Lastly, an update for Vine allows users to import existing videos from a phone. This is competing with Instagram’s 15-second video option as opposed to Vine’s six seconds videos. In addition, the app will also let you edit the imported video such as duplicating portions of the video or muting the audio. Along with the updated feature, Vine added a grid to help properly compose your shot. Whether you import an old video or shot a new one within the Vine app, you are now able to edit videos faster and with more precision. Read more about the Vine update here.

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Jul 25



photo from Engadget

Snapchat has been on the rise in social media as one of the only applications for sharing disappearing pictures and conversations, along with its recent update to chat face-to-face. However, Snapchat should be expecting some competitors in the near future. It’s no surprise that the market would soon be flooded with copy cats since many social media companies make constant attempts to take over other services. 

Instagram is currently in the window for a new developing app—it may be the next big player to steal the game and Snapchat’s spotlight! A banner introducing the app “Bolt” appeared at the top of Instagram’s mobile app on July 23rd advertising a service for “one tap photo messaging”. According to sources, the announcement was quickly pulled, but several people were still able to snag screenshots of it and pass it around Twitter (Engadget).

Unfortunately, there is no further detail on “Bolt”, but there is a chance that the app could offer a unique twist on the format of picture messaging and shove the copy cats aside. Check out The Verge’s post about Instagram’s rumored “Bolt” and view the leaked images of Snapchat’s competitor!

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Jul 25


SoundCloud is deemed as one of the most popular among the many music platforms on the Internet today. According to reports posted in October 2013, the site had 250 million monthly active users. It was founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. SoundCloud continues to grow as an online music platform and Ljung even coined the company as a “YouTube for music”.  As an online music site SoundCloud allows users to upload audio tracks, repost, like, comment, and share any track. Users are also able to upload copyrighted music and share it with friends. Therefore, this has become a concern for SoundCloud and the company will be held liable for hosting the content.

SoundCloud plans to avoid getting sued by giving record labels a stake. According to sources who spoke with Mashable Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group are part of the negotiations. It is said that SoundCloud could give anywhere between 3% to 5% stakes to each label along with a cut of future revenue. Thus, SoundCloud would be able to avoid lawsuits over uploaded copyrighted music to the site. Read more about the issue here and stay updated on the company’s plans to remain a popular music platform, which provides free streaming to users!

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Jul 17


American musician/parodist artist “Weird Al” Yankovic is known for his humorous, but respective parody songs in pop culture. He has recently made two ridiculously hilarious songs to parody Pharrell William’s successful hit ‘Happy’ and Daft Punk’s funky song ‘Get Lucky’. His take on ‘Get Lucky’ doesn’t have a crazy video to compliment it, but he sings it with accompaniment from an accordion, brassy horns, and slight banjo. However, he reworked ‘Happy’ into ‘Tacky’ along with a music video of him and comedy actors Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, and Eric Stonestreet dancing around in colorful, psychedelic outfits.


In collaboration with College Humor, “Weird Al” created a parody of Lorde’s mega-hit ‘Royals’. Watch the video of the parody ‘Foil’ about leftover food with a conceptual twist here.

“Weird Al” has released a parody of just about every major hit song and continues to keep on giving! Check out his latest fun parody videos here !

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May 15


Late Night Talk Show Scene: Starring Musical Guests

Author: nicoleleza

Why should we care what kind of music taste late night TV hosts have?

Late night talk shows showcase the hottest musical talent while introducing audiences to new artists. This current evolving late night talk show scene has been a major boost in promoting rising musical artists. Performances on recent shows such as, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” can make for a band’s big break.

On February 18th 2014, Jimmy Fallon made a debut on NBC’s new “Tonight Show” and contributed his own music taste to the program with a popular performance from U2. Fallon will have a high need to continue to bring talented musicians on the “Tonight Show” in competition with the other late night talk shows. For example, “Late Night” has seen some great musical acts, whether it has been indie rockers (Hot Chip, Wilco, Regina Spektor, SIlversun Pickups) or classic artists (Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Tom Morello).

Some argue that Fallon helped the singer-songwriter, Bon Iver, gain popularity and success in 2012 from his performance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.  Check out Bon Iver’s NPR Music interview along with his live performances from “Late Night” and “The Colbert Report”.

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Apr 29



Ever wonder what new or noteworthy music is circulating around the Twitter world?

Twitter’s recent partnership with Billboard includes a real-time chart to track real-time music conversation found on Twitter. This tool monitors Twitter data including: mentions of artists, albums, and songs that are discussed over the network. 

Billboard has been a credible source for music industry news and Twitter is a successful global platform for real-time conversation. So, their multi-year partnership will be an anticipated step up for both platforms to enhance and demonstrate it’s strengths regarding music.

According to Billboard, this exciting partnership will extend their value proposition into social media conversation that Twitter effectively harnesses and drives.

In addition, music artists who actively share songs and engage with their audience on Twitter will now be able to gain more attention from fans, other musicians, and industry decision-makers in real-time, while also creating a buzz on Billboard’s music charts (Billboard).

This chart will be found on It will reflect the top music hits discussed over a period of time and at the moment via Twitter. It will also include a weekly in-tweet video round up of the week in music (Twitter Blog).

@Billboard and @TwitterMusic will share its data from the real-time chart on its accounts.

Be on the lookout for the exclusive Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts!

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Apr 22


Facebook Prepares for a Mobile Ad Network

Author: nicoleleza

Facebook is expanding its ad reach by planning a mobile-ad network to help marketers target ads on other services.  This experiment is a major opportunity for Facebook to sell ads on other people’s apps. It is set to be announced at Facebook’s F8 conference in San Francisco on April 30th.

The social-media company states in a blog post, “Our aim is to demonstrate even greater reach with the same power of Facebook targeting for advertisers both on and off Facebook”. In their current test the company will be working directly with a limited few advertisers and publishers.

The user won’t be able to notice any differences in third-party apps, and advertisers will be getting the benefit of Facebook’s ads on mobile apps. Facebook also wins through its ad targeting from its billion-plus users even when they’re aren’t scrolling through Facebook’s own properties.

However, Facebook will also be competing with Google’s existing AdMob mobile network, Twitter’s MoPub ad network, and other small companies, such as Millennial Media. (re/code)

We’re looking forward to see how this pans out in the advertising world and how mobile users of Facebook will be affected.

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Apr 09



Yahoo Inc. is looking to start four short Web series including 10 episode comedies. The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has it rumored for the shows to be announced at an event in New York by April 28th. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo plans on offering high-quality video programming and high-price video ads to compete with other online TV streaming services, such as, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and even Google’s YouTube.

Mayer has high hopes for the company by spending more money (budgets ranging from $700,000 to a few million dollars) and working with famous stars and directors to produce an engaging, viral online TV show. However, in order for Yahoo’s Web originals to become a hit the company relies on ad-sales to support the shows WSJ.

Yahoo has a competitive market for top-quality TV series, therefore, their ambitious online video strategy could help turn around Yahoo’s presence amongst other original video programming rivals.

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