Nov 12


This past weekend was full of New Noise Santa Barbara festivities. The New Noise Music Conference and festival kicked off on Wednesday with a couple of shows, and continued on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday was filled with musical performances at various venues sprinkled around downtown Santa Barbara. Artists such as Tyrone Wells, American Dirt, Naked Walrus, and The City performed at Muddy Waters, SOhO, Whiskey Richards, and Velvet Jones.

Friday was fully packed with interesting panels all about new media and the music industry. This year, Jacob Tell and Mike Wald of Oniracom  lead a hands-on workshop about New Media for Traditional Business. Gideon Rubin Local Market Launch and Kyle Ashby of Kaldera Marketing were also panelists at Oniracom’s workshop. During the panel, Oniracom discussed how traditional businesses can use the internet and new media to captivate audiences and develop unique web presences. The audience even received a “digital marketing plan” worksheet to help them organize their own plan for their traditional business.


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Sep 18


Oniracom’s first project walkthrough video is finally here! We’ve been working the last few months to bring all of the pieces together for provocative marketing videos. Our goal is to showcase our creative projects in the best way possible.

Often times Oniracom will develop new technologies and integrate various web platforms in new ways. We are driven to create excellent and engaging marketing tools for our clients. This time around, we leveraged Instagram to create a user-generated content campaign that allowed users to unlock exclusive songs before their official release. We ran this campaign for Jana Kramer, an up and coming Country Music artist, in collaboration with Topspin Nashville and Warner Music Nashville.

Watch the video for more details

Jana Kramer Instagram Campaign Walkthrough from Oniracom on Vimeo.

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Feb 11


The switch from the old profile to the new profile that Facebook pulled on its users in late December/early January anticipated some other alterations to occur. Alas, the new Pages on Facebook is here! The new Pages redesign resembles and operates like a user’s regular profile. However, there are multiple differences in regards to the Page’s and their admins.

The new Pages consists of all the features of the new profile more or less. For example, the menu bar is on the left-hand column with links to the wall, photo albums, videos, tour dates, etc., which also eliminates the information box that was a component of the old profile and old pages of Facebook. The edit tab option has therefore also switched to the very top of the page. Admins can now click up top to edit their pages, which directs them to editing the info, apps, profile picture, marketing, etc.

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Nov 01


Great innovation from Google once again, but this one involves a great use of crowd-sourced marketing.  Google has started a competition that encourages anyone to upload their own creative tech demo of a cool Google feature that many people might not know about, with the hopes that these videos are unique enough and gather enough attention so that tech demos no longer have to be boring and only for geeks.  Watching these is similar to watching an OK Go music video.  The kind that you share with your friends, except now the content manner is intertwined with a cool Google feature, such as Search by Photographing, Personalize Google, Speak a new language, Search by voice, etc.  (Full list is here).

Once contenders upload their creative video, Google picks out two of the best videos, and sets them against each other for the “Slam of the Week” where users watch and vote on which video is the best.

Check out the winners of the first Slam of the Week, giving you an entertaining video that also is a teaser to Google’s Search by Photographing (or “Google Goggles”).

Go check it out, as there as sure to be more great videos coming:

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Apr 10


Everyone knows (at least we hope) that as an Artist, building a solid email list is one of the most important things you can do to build and maintain your relationship with your fans. 

A sound email list will turn your current fan base into an extremely solid one.  The relationship that you foster with your fans, keeping them up to date on the latest news and them getting to know you even better is what’s going to build their loyalty and help you become even more successful. 

Oniracom recently created and implemented an email list marketing campaign to increase the number of subscribers for G. Love and Special Sauce.

When designing the campaign we made sure we followed these 3 simple rules:

  • Give fans incentive to sign up to the mailing list
  • Promote the mailing list; feature it everywhere to increase it’s visibility
  • Keep it simple for fans to sign up; don’t make it too complicated

By employing these 3 tactics and using a little Oniracom creative magic, we were able to grow G. Love’s mailing list numbers at a phenomenal rate.  As might be expected, the mailing list continues to grow at this rate. 

The case study below details our strategy and the step-by-step process we used to create this unique campaign.  This case study among many others can also be found on our website -

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Feb 10


Dr. Dog

2/9/10 UPDATE: Dr. Dog was about to hit 20,000 fans on Facebook (solely credited to the hard work and promotion from their original fans), and then they decided they were going to give the exclusive release of the song to Stereogum.

Yes, they will reach their end goal of getting 20,000 fans, but they didn’t reward their Facebook fans whatsoever.  Bad practice in my opinion.

The indie-rock/soul band Dr. Dog has made a deal with their fans: Get us to 20,000 fans on Facebook, and we’ll let you hear the first track off the new album.

When they originally posted this, they were around 7,000 fans on Facebook, so they were asking of a pretty big feat.  Each fan needed to convince two of their friends to become a fan of Dr. Dog.

Two weeks after posting their proposition, they had doubled their Facebook fans, and are quickly continuing to grow. 

Their fans went above and beyond in order to spread the word:

One thing you need to know: this won’t work for every band. 

Dr. Dog is one of those bands that is known for having a small, but incredibly devoted fan base (another example: Delta Spirit).  It’s much better to have 10 super fans over 100 regular fans.  Their fans probably like other indie-underground bands, and they are probably the friend in the group that is always listening to a new band.  Now they have a payoff for spreading the word: they get to hear the new single first.  The fans are the most important thing you have.  Give them incentive, and let them do the work for you.

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Jan 28


During the summer of 2009, Lenny Kravitz embarked on a huge European Tour in support of his “Let Love Rule 20(09)” re-release.  We leveraged some serious social media tactics through the use of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Kyte, iLike and more.  One of the most notable social media campaigns that we created used a very powerful Facebook tool: photo-tagging.

We took advantage of this Facebook feature and grew Lenny’s presence exponentially on Facebook.  The case study below details our strategy and the step-by-step process we used to create this unique campaign.  This case study among many others can also be found on our website -

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