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For artists, Modlife is the next-generation of interactive online media and provides Artists a platform equipped with the tools necessary to build an excited, engaged, and loyal community of fans. A Modlife site is the place for fans to interact with artists directly.

Modlife seems to be a new social network for fans as well as a streamlined concentration of all the best tools and features of the most popular multiple social media websites in one location:

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Aug 17


SFD Review:

Root For RuinLes Savy Fav’s long awaited follow up to their 2007 Let’s Stay Friends has been on the horizon for some time now. LSF has strategically upped the anticipation for their fifth studio LP, Root For Ruin, by releasing the single 'Let’s Get Out of Here' this July, followed by the release of the album’s multi-angle mirror/red fishnet cover art and complete track list.


RFR Tracklist The album, officially out on September 14, has not-so-unfortunately leaked, as the wily indie band has acknowledged. They’ve handled the inevitability with humor: “OK, so you got our leaked record. At least now you know how awesome it is. We're sure you really just are desperate for a way to pay us for the thing.” Since, the band decided to push up the release of the album, which is now available exclusively on iTunes.


The record is the product of the band working closely together with little outside input.


“With our last album, we wanted to cavort around the world and try some freaky stuff,” said vocalist Tim Harrington in a press release. LSF’s Seth Jabour adds, “with [Root For Ruin], it turns out we enjoy making love with one another more than with a group of strangers.”


2007’s Let’s Stay Friends remains Les Savy Fav at their best, offering chaotic and urgent punk with catchy hooks. After hearing Root For Ruin, you could categorize it as a transitional period for LSF. The abrasive noisy punk of old, meets the rock pop of new. Root For Ruin fits firmly in the latter genre. The opening track ‘Appetites’ and the most recent single ‘Let’s Get Out of Here’ are driven and simplistically catchy, making themselves instant shout-alongs. ‘Dear Crutches’ switches the mood to be more relaxed and well thought out.


Indie album review blog, Misc. Music, describes Les Savy Fav as having a talent for “making well crafted [songs], appear to be accidental streams of thought or just jamming sessions…or in other words, truly genius.”


The band is planning to tour in the fall, so keep checking back for tour dates and updates. Ironically enough, the website is nearly bare, with content only posted to redirect you to one of their multiple alternate sites. For the most exhaustive content, visit their page on Frenchkiss Records here.

Les Savy Fav 2010
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