Mar 30


Will you or Wont you buy the new iPad?

Author: specialed
Oniracom & the iPad

The good folks over at Mashable recently published an article talking about who would buy the new iPad.  It got us here at Oniracom wondering who among us would buy the new iPad.  This is what some Oniracom employees had to say about Apple’s latest Magical hardware:

Jacob Tell - I think I may get one…. been meditating on some uses for it and came up with a long enough list to justify it for both work & personal uses.

For example, I think Kokua Festival will be a great work related use of it since it runs Numbers, which I use to manage all merchandise inventory. 

Although waiting for the 2nd generation model seems the most logical choice.

Brandon Waybright - I like the idea of the iPad, but I almost certainly won’t get one now.  My reasons being:

1) I don’t trust apple’s first run of products.  They always seem to release a newer, cheaper and much better version within a year of their first run.  After the Gen 1 iPhone bugs, I would rather wait and get a better product later. 

2) Since it’s more of a convenience product (something that doesn’t add new abilities or services than those that I already have between my computer and ipod) I can’t really justify it yet, but if I had the expendable cash to get it I would probably invest in one. 

It would make the passive internet activities (like reading blogs and sites) much more enjoyable. We’ll see what happens with it over the first year.

SpecialEd - I will get one, probably the first run of them but not the day they come out.
I think my ideal set up would be a 27 inch iMac for work and an iPad for home and everywhere else.  However if I wait long enough to buy an iPad and the new iPhones come out this summer or fall I much rather spend the money on the iPhone than the iPad.

There are already some details leaking out about the new applications built for iPads and some of them sound exciting.  I think the iPad will end up hurting the Macbook and Macbook Pro sales as more and more people realize they don’t need to haul a big laptop with you anymore, so expect the new line of Pros (rumored out this fall) to have all the bells and whistles.

Sean Campos - Will the new iPhone have LTE?
Are they going to screw with us and release on LTE iPad right after (as Brandon suggests)?

Brendan Moore - The iPad would be nice to have in meetings as a portable accessory for the iMac, but it doesn’t stand too well on its own merits.  Like Brandon said, it’s currently not bringing anything really new or exciting to the table, so I rather save my money and wait until a newer product (iPhone, iMac, MacBook).