Sep 24


What’s Hot In The World of Music Right Now?

Author: jacobmeier


While Summer has finally come to a close, the hot weather and the hot new albums it brought with it are here to stay. From pop to alternative, rap to electronic the music scene has been dominated by a ton of new music, and it’s wonderful. Here is a recap of some of the most successful releases in the past several weeks.

1. Beauty Behind the Madness - The Weeknd
Perhaps one of the most anticipated and well received albums of the summer, BBTM and its singles “Can’t Feel My Face” and “The Hills” have been dominating charts since their respective releases. The Weeknd’s second studio LP masterfully combines pop and R&B in a way that can only be matched by his unique and soulful voice.

2. Honeymoon - Lana Del Rey
Although Lana Del Rey’s music is considered alternative, she continues to do extremely well in the mainstream. Her albums dominate charts and she has managed to create one of the most loyal fanbases in the industry. Her recent release “Honeymoon” includes 14 haunting tracks that showcase Del Rey’s haunting and shadowy voice.  Songs like “Honeymoon,” “Swan Song,” and “Freak” are elegant, truthful, and raw. A must listen.

3. Badlands - Halsey
An album that is as layered and rocky as it is cool and meaningful. Halsey’s first LP showcases her dedication to truthful song writing and vulnerability. Not to mention her voice is captivating. Badlands has only been out for a few weeks, but it has topped charts and already turned Halsey into a major player in this industry.

4. Four Pink Walls - Alessia Cara
The 19 year old Canadian took the world by storm with the release of her wildly popular song “Here.” Cara’s EP features five tracks that are fresh and different, showing us a different side of the pop world. The success of “Four Pink Walls” hints at the success Alessia Cara will most likely see when her first album rolls around.

5. WILD - Troye Sivan
The Australian born, YouTube vlogger and digital space superstar has seen amazing success with the release of his 6 song EP “WILD” The songs, each speaking to a different experience from Sivan’s life, are soulful yet electronic. The EP has garnered much attention as this is the first time someone from the digital space has been transformed into a major label pop star.