Jan 13


If you haven’t heard of him, you should probably go ahead and check him out. He’s not quite famous…yet. But he’s certainly getting there.

He’s tangled up in this world wide web with a social media presence equivalent to cotton candy on your tongue on a sunny July day. The words he puts out and allows to be put out about himself are warm, inviting, sweet.

He will melt your heart and inspire you to love this world and the people in it like you never have before.

I suppose you’d like to know who he is.

Check out his Facebook, his Myspace, his Twitter, his radical Website.

His name is Tyrone Wells and this past weekend he played a show in Santa Barbara that got my heart in a tizzy. Not like I fell in love, but like I was inspired to love, to dream, to change the world with overwhelming kindness and compassion.

The show was a benefit concert in honor of Kids Helping Kids, a kid-organized, kid-run non-profit organization with a lofty goal of $150,000. This bountiful amount would then be donated to a Santa Barbara based partner organization called The Unity Shoppe, which focuses on neighbors helping neighbors. A quick conversation with one of the students who helped organize the event, led me to learn that not only did the kids meet this goal of $150,000, they far exceeded it. The final numbers ended somewhere around $170,000 raised for The Unity Shoppe.

The show took place at The Granada, a historic theater in Santa Barbara, and at first I was a little put off by the venue. I felt like I was there to watch an opera, not a concert. I was looking to jump and dance, do a happy shout, get pumped. But no, I would sit in an assigned seat, with my arms crossed in my lap, and listen. Although I came into it a little perturbed, Tyrone’s stories and melodies transformed my heart. I got to sit and appreciate him, his words, his talent, his passion for people, without the rowdiness of a typical “standing only” concert.

Good vibes emanated throughout the theater and Tyrone paused often between songs to share stories and giggles. The lyrics of his songs promote positive messages about hope, dreams, love, and kindness.

Although he didn’t play one of my favorite songs, “Dream Like New York” at the show on Saturday, he did yodel. So that’s cool. If nothing else, Mr. Wells is the only white man named Tyrone that has ever yodeled for me, and I’m writing that in my diary.

Dream Like New York. A great song about the power of a good dream. Here at Oniracom our tagline is “solutions for dreamers.” Our company thrives off of ideas, thoughts, outlandish schemes, put quite simply, dreams. Belief makes things real. Tyrone Wells’ show made me a believer.

Tyrone’s performance at The Granada earned him a standing ovation. His last song was colossal and deeply moving. Titled “When All Is Said and Done” Tyrone sang about the importance of a well-lived life, about crossing over the bridge of death and truly believing that this life was lived with fervor and passion, deep love for friends and family. For the last stanza, he stepped away from the microphone and sang out of himself, bringing the crowd out of our seats.

The concert proved to be a solution for this dreamer. It tweaked my heart and popped my little self-absorbed bubble, allowing me to love without hesitation. So do it. Check out Tyrone’s myriad of social media outlets. And become a fan. An oscillating one. Blowing energy and light into the world.

Dream big. There’s a solution out there for you.