Dec 27


It’s almost 2013, and what a year 2012 has been! We’ve had a lot of amazing experiences and moments this past year at Oniracom. Our staff breaks it down with their top 10 Oniracom moments of 2012. We hope you enjoy reading and reminiscing these wonderful moments with us.


10. Holiday Party. We had a great time bonding and playing one of our favorite gift exchange games, White Elephant. The Mitt Romney Chia Pet gift was a classic.

9. Doheny Days. Oniracom staff and friends had a great weekend at the Doheny Days festival in September. As Haaris put it, we were “celebrating the fruits of our labor” at the festival. Fun times!

8. New Noise Music Conference and Festival. Oniracom ran a social media workshop this year at New Noise, and it went great!

7. StartUp Creativity. We had a get together in honor of StartupSB at our office. It was great seeing so many developers and other startups from the Santa Barbara community.

6. SXSW. We had a booth in the trade show at SXSW. We are stoked for another SXSW experience this coming March!

5. Earth Day. Oniracom had a Social Media Lounge set up at Earth Day. Such a great experience! 

4. Our kitchen. Matt McAvene spruced up our kitchen with a new backsplash and freshly painted cabinets. The addition of the water cooler and Keurig machine has also made our lives easier and quite comfortable. Yay for easy coffee and water dispensers!

3. Buyvite Project. We designed an awesome infographic, consulted, wrote a script and storyboard, recorded a commercial, and animated/edited a video with the help of Cool Hand Look. We also discovered that Justin has some amazing cartoon voices. He should definitely be an animated star! 

2. KitchenWTF. Because this blog is just so hilarious, it deserved the number two spot. Thanks to Tad, we now have a blog that observes our weekly kitchen activities. The blog reminds us that it’s a community area and it needs to be tidied up! However, cleaning can ALSO be funny. 

1. Matt, Calia and Haaris all playing for the 0-team. What a great batch of new employees! They had to take the number one spot, what would we do without ‘em?!