Dec 15


‘Tis the Season for Excellent Apple Ads

Author: breanna


The holidays are in full swing.  I’ve personally been shopping like a crazy person getting all the gifts for my loved ones. I’ve been to lots of stores and seen lots of holiday ads, but all I can say is, ‘tis the season for beautiful and poignant Apple Ads!

In case you have not heard or seen yet, Apple has released an emotionally charged ad featuring a girl, her grandmother, and Apple Products.  Say what you will about this, but the advertising strategy, as usual, is perfectly timed, emotionally charged, and overall, flawlessly executed.  The concept portrayed, is if you get one gift, a gift created by Apple, it can become the tool that creates gifts of a greater value for years to come.  The tagline used in Apple’s Youtube Header is: “From one gift come many”. The brilliance of this ad can be unpacked in so many different ways, but I will highlight the three I’ve been most struck by when watching the video over a, ahem, quite a few times.

Brilliance Factor Number 1:
It does not focus on one particular product.  It utilizes the three most recognizable products: the IPad, a Mac, and an IPhone.  This is important because it not only shows the usefulness of more than one product, it stealthily advertises the interconnectivity between the different products.  The grandaughter converts the old song from a 45 to a digital track on her Mac, records vocal and instrumental overlays on her Mac, mixes on her IPad, gives to her Grandma via Mp3 track on an IPhone. 

Woven into the story is the usefulness, creativity and inter-connectedness of each product.  All of this while still getting you to feel all of the feels. Incredible.

Brilliance Factor Number 2:
This ad shows in the last 30 seconds that an IPhone is so easy to use, that even a Grandma can use it.  Please don’t take offense if you are a technologically savvy Grandparent. The point I am making here, is that Apple is subtly addressing the idea that only certain generations can use these products.  All of those arguments are crushed by this ad because there is nobody around to turn the IPhone on for Grandma, There is simply a note that says “Press Play” sitting on top of the IPhone, hinting at the fact that the Grandma is familiar with the product.  Apple products are not for particular demographics, they are for ALL demographics.

Brilliance Factor Number 3:
Emotional impact.  The ad strategy that Apple has been able to execute frequently and execute well, is humanizing their products.  After all, what good is a smart phone without a person using it, or, dare I say, purchasing it? The ability of this particular ad to appeal to nostalgia, yet at the same time a hope for a brighter tomorrow, is what makes it so darn beautiful.

So, go ahead, watch the best ad of the holiday season.  I won’t judge you if you cry.  Heaven knows I did.