Mar 08


Hold on to your hats everybody, Facebook is revolutionizing the newsfeed with the biggest facelift it’s endured since I was 19. (2009 if you must know)  Yep, as of today Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will redesign the holy grail of social media, the newsfeed.  The redesign that will soon infiltrate your own personal blue screen is adapting with the changing times of Internet sharing.  So what does that exactly entail? I will tell you.  And I will also tell you what I think about it, because let’s face it, I just want to be one of the cool kids.

One of the main changes, as pointed out in this Gizmodo Article is a much greater focus on visual/rich media than ever before.


It’s just, so, pretty… yet busy.  The design overhaul is adapting to the fact that simple text has become too boring, we want pictures instead. (I’m not going to touch on the implication for the downward spiral of society here, that’s simply no fun). Instead, I will say this; the focus on rich media is GREAT for sharing photos, videos, news articles etc. my main thing, quite simply, is that in making it more of a newspaper/magazine look, will I feel like I’m in touch with all my best pals and favorite brands/musicians? Or will I feel like a sea of Internet society is overcoming me in a tsunami of megapixels? Okay, too dramatic, but you get my point.



Also, notice the lack of advertisements flanking either side of the newsfeed. Yes sir, Mark Zuckerberg is saying out with the old, in with the new.  No more “I’m a Mormon” ads or “Christian Mingle” ads or Engagement Ring ads for me! (Seriously Facebook, what are you trying to get at?)  There’s much speculation and consternation as to whether or not this is beneficial for companies whom, for all purposes, have kind of served as a financial backbone for the Social Network.  To which I reply, didn’t you know I blocked the aforementioned ads and replaced them with pictures of puppies already? See further speculation in this Mashable Article.

The new format will actually allow users to choose whose info streams onto their subfeeds, one of the new features. This means, I can have only my best pals streaming on my own personal feed, or I can choose to only follow the musicians, television personalities or brands I like. Or, if I’m understanding this correctly, I can have different subfeeds and navigate between them, organizing my life and eliminating the jumbled mess of seeing my Uncle’s status update next to one of the instream ads for a collegiate gossip app. So, glad that new capability will soon be at my fingertips. 


Alas, one last note about the change, and I can’t take credit for this, I read it on Life Hacker The overall functionality and look of Facebook will now be a little more uniform between all the different platforms be it smart phone, tablet, laptop, space ship, etc.!  With a huge change like this, it’s easy to get your panties in a twist, but I say, onward and upward to greater social media heights!