Jan 21


Staff Picks: Albums for a Desert Island

Author: calia

If we had three of our all time favorite, most memorable, and flat out amazing albums with us while stranded on a desert island, we’d probably be alright. This is what would keep each of us going if we were unfortunately stranded. What would you choose?


Jacob: The Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” - Each song is actually a single (many were released as singles and later compiled into this proper LP release) so the experience does not tire with each new listen.  This album is fun (Baby, You’re a Rich Man), psychedelic (I Am The Walrus), insightful (The Fool on the Hill), uplifting (Penny Lane), whimsical (Strawberry Fields Forever) and just plain genius (All You Need is Love).  Thank you John, Paul, George & Ringo for making mysterious magic for generations to fall in love with.”

Talking Heads’ “Remain In Light” - The pairing of David Byrne and Brian Eno is one of the all time collaborations since Lennon/McCartney, and despite being the ‘Heads worst selling album of their career it ends up being my favorite.  Released two months after my birth, I am completely connected to the songwriting, incorporation of African polyrhythms, production of samples/loops and horn line arrangements.  This masterpiece, front to back, never sounds tired!

Phish’s “A Live One” - Being my favorite live band, it’s only fitting that I would choose Phish’s certified platinum double disc live produced record.  Each track was recorded on their 1994 tour at a different venue, but is seamlessly stitched together to mimic their classic two set plus encore live format.  One of the best tracks is titled “Montana” and is actually a few minute excerpt of a jam from a show in Bozeman, Montana (hence the title) that flawlessly sets the stage for an epic “You Enjoy Myself.”

Calia: Bon Iver’s self titled sophomore album - This album is a beauty. Everything about it is gorgeous. Lyrics, tunes, melodies, and the emotion. I think if I had this album with me while I was stranded on a desert island I’d still be able to see all of life’s beauties.

Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - Something to dance to.

Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs - This album is pure gold. Why wouldn’t I want it with me forever?

Justin: Paul Simon’s Graceland - I am fairly certain this this in one of the only albums that most music lovers would consider to achieve musical perfection. Graceland is the perfect balance of purity, politics, roots, poetry, romance, composition, mastering, global awareness and ultimately timelessness. Graceland is the greatest work of recording art of all time.

The Killer’s Sam’s Town - The Killers are the first band that I witnessed transform themselves. Sam’s Town, their sophomore effort was one of the greatest musical transformations that a “buzz band” has made in the last 15 years. Going from college pop radio domination to a complete downshift to rootsy glitz-rock was in my mind one of the most honorable musical decisions a band can make. The Killers became themselves in Sam’s Town, the transformation being completed by singer Brandon Flowers altering the tone of his voice from Megaphone-filtered restless, brit-pop violence; to Las Vegas-style deep vibrado, americana, folk-anthemic goodness. I love Sam’s Town.

Something New - Music is about broadening your tastes and reaching as far emotionally as an audible work of art can take you. I’m reserving the third spot for anything that can make a strong enough connection to change my life and the lens through which I view reality. I am always down to forage a deep connection with a new artist. Bring on the music.

Sean: The Beatles’ Abbey Road - There’s an elegant, optimistic energy that would keep me going even after I got sick of eating seagull meat (i.e. immediately).

Pink Floyd’s Piper at the Gates of Dawn - When dehydration has set in and the sun starts cooking my brain, this will sound awesome.

The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds - The irony is appropriate and it’ll probably make a lot more sense after my brain is fully cooked.

Haaris: - Wu Tang Clan’s Enter The 36 Chambers - More than an album this album is a lifestyle. It is a cornerstone of American music and the W reach stretches across the globe. If I was stranded on an island this would keep me sane and remind me of home.

Massive Attack’s Mezzanine - No matter how many times i hear this album it never gets old. Solid for those full moon nights…

Black Sabbath’s Paranoid - Probably the most complete Metal Album ever constructed and it has been proven to attract sea turtles on the winter solstice (unconfirmed).

Drew: - Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker - I don’t think it it the greatest album ever, but I have listened to it so many times, and associate it with so many times in my life that I would have to take it with me.

Creed’s My Own Prison - I know I say a lot of joke answers in these. This is not a joke, I’m not being Ironical. I like Creed. Whenever I am getting too full of my self all I have to remember is. “You love Creed with no shame. You are not cool.”

Strength in Number’s Telluride Sessions - You could hear something new everytime you listen. It is such a dense and beautiful album. Also I would also steal and listen to Justin’s Copy of Graceland.