Aug 09


We recently mentioned how 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting came to us to create the home of their Raise Your Voice! campaign, and it’s now in full swing! Here’s the official Press Release:

170 Million Americans: Raise Your Voice


170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting and ANTI-Records are pleased to announce the release of Raise Your Voice!, a 16-track compilation of music from ANTI- artists being offered as a free download to advocates for public broadcasting. Anyone who signs up to join the campaign can download the compilation—available for a limited time only—by visiting Supporters will also have the opportunity to share Raise Your Voice! with their friends and social networks.

Artists contributing tracks to Raise Your Voice! include:

Tom Waits
Neko Case
Booker T. Jones
Man Man
Dr. Dog
Mavis Staples
Jolie Holland
William Elliott Whitmore
Lost In The Trees
Sean Rowe
Marketa Irglova
Joe Henry
The Swell Season

Public broadcasting offers millions of hours of free music, arts and cultural programming to American audiences, thanks in part to federal funding. From national music programs such as public television’s Austin City Limits and public radio’s Mountain Stage to the diverse local programming on public radio music stations throughout the country, public broadcasting is a vital part of our nation’s musical landscape.

Public radio preserves American culture and is one of the only places left where uniquely American music—jazz, rock, bluegrass and classical—can be heard by a mass audience. Public radio stations around the country play an important role in the music economy and have created a valuable partnership that connects audiences to music, and all those who devote their lives to it—performers, singer-songwriters, musicians, lyricists and composers. More than 100 local public radio stations broadcast full-time music and hundreds more include music as part of their programming lineups.

While the average station gets the majority of its funding from listeners, underwriters and other local sources, federal funding helps close the gap and keep many small and rural stations on the air. Without federal funding these stations could go dark and the platform that they’ve provided for so many musicians could go with it.

“We are thrilled to offer Raise Your Voice! to our advocates,” said Jeff Nelson, co-director , 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting. “It is critical that we raise awareness about the importance of public broadcasting to music in America as we make our case to Congress to maintain federal funding for local stations across the country. We are grateful to ANTI- and these fantastic artists for their generosity and for standing up in support for public broadcasting.” 

Ari Picker, frontman for ANTI- band Lost in the Trees added, “Our culture needs public broadcasting. And public radio has been an enormous resource for musicians like myself. I feel extremely privileged to donate our music to Raise Your Voice! to boost awareness about the need to protect public broadcasting in America.”

The website for Raise Your Voice! was created by Oniracom, a Santa Barbara-based audience marketing agency for music and entertainment.

About 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting

The 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting campaign is a collaboration of public radio and television stations, national organizations, producers, viewers and listeners throughout the country who understand the critical need for a strong public media in the United States.  The campaign is co-managed by the Association of Public Television Stations and American Public Media on behalf of more than 400 station partners. The centerpieces of the effort are its website,,, and Twitter feed at, that give supporters of public media a way to take action in support of their local public radio and television stations.

About ANTI-Records

Epitaph Records was founded in 1981 by Brett Gurewitz of the influential punk rock band Bad Religion. This incredibly diverse and resolutely artist friendly label first entered the annals of pop culture in the early 90s when it introduced previously underground artists such as Rancid, The Offspring and Pennywise to a vastly larger audience, earning the bands gold and platinum records, and forever changing the sound of popular music. Epitaph has since added additional imprint ANTI-Records, which has developed into an independent power house servicing a roster of acclaimed and iconic artists such as Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Neko Case, Mavis Staples and many more. Epitaph Records currently operates out of offices in Los Angeles, Canada, Melbourne and the Netherlands.