Sep 27


We at Oniracom have crafted a fully packed playlist with songs that have been personally selected from each staff member. This marks the first ever edition of our “Monthly Staff Playlist.” Be sure to come back at the end of each month for more and more playlists created by our staff here at Oniracom. This month includes loads of tracks from Frank Ocean, as our office just can’t stop listening to his new album Channel Orange. You’ll also see other tracks from new album releases such as Love this Giant from David Byrne and St. Vincent, The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind by Ben Folds Five, and many more. While listening, take a look at which staff member chose what and why!

The playlist features 28 tracks, beginning with Jacob’s four picks. Here’s what he chose and why:

1. “Michael Praytor, Five Years Later” - Ben Folds Five - Album: The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind

“You would never know this band took 13 years off after listening to this incredible songwriting.  The chord structure and vocal harmonies keep this tune in your head for days.”

2. “Cowboys and Chorus Girls” - ALO - Album: Sounds Like This

“With whimsical storytelling and lyrics the boys compositions have never been stronger.  This is just a fun journey with melodies and hooks that stick in your head.”

3. “Daredevil” - Fiona Apple - Album: The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw & Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do

“After years away from the studio, Fiona is back and has something to say.  Her mysterious chords and haunting vocals keep me engaged and awaiting what lies around the bend.”

4. “Varúð” - Sigur Ros - Album: Valtari

“Beautiful and surreal Sigur Ros delivers their ambient climaxes perfectly, yet again.  They are not to be missed live, particularly if they return to perform live at a cemetery.”

And so the playlist continues with our designer Tracy’s chosen tracks. She selected these four beauties because:

5. “Who” - David Byrne & St. Vincent - Album: Love This Giant

“Lovin this one. The beat is so fun and I’m obsessed with St. Vincent’s voice. Also the way they dance in the music video replays in my head.”

6. “Pyramids” - Frank Ocean - Album: Channel Orange

“Listen to this song on my way to dance every day. Gets me pumped.”

7. “What’s the Matter” - Milo Greene - Album: Milo Greene

8. “Happy Pills” - Norah Jones - Album: Little Broken Hearts

“STILL can’t get this song out of my head and it’s been about two months.”

My picks (Calia’s) were…

9. “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)” - Otis Redding - Album: Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul

“If I get a chance to create a playlist of my all time favorite hits, this one always gets thrown onto the mix. It’s a classic and soulful tune that always seems to give a little tug on my heartstrings.”

10. “Yet Again” - Grizzly Bear - Album: Shields

“This is by far my favorite track off of their new album. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

11. “Wildest Moments” - Jessie Ware - Album: Devotion

“Dang this girl can sing! Her voice is simple, yet powerful. The emotions are practically spilling out.”

Lead Strategist Mr. Justin Davis hand picked:

12. “Super Rich Kids” - Frank Ocean - Album: Channel Orange

“A story of lavish living unfolds in these two beautifully composed adventurous songs.”

13. “For Reasons Unknown” - The Killers - Album: Sam’s Town

“This Killers classic has Ben stuck in my head when I wake up. I think that the message of getting older really resonates with me at this point in time.”

14. “Sweet Life” - Frank Ocean - Album: Channel Orange

15. “Dayum!” -The Gregory Borthers & Daym Drops - Album: Dayum!

“The hits just keep on coming! These YouTube sensations really understand the wonder of what it means to reach one million YouTube views in a matter of days.”

Account Manager Haaris selected:

16. “Reflection of You” - Bear In Heaven - Album: I Love You. It’s Cool.

“Possibly one of the best albums of 2012.”

17. “Banished” - JJ Doom - Album: Key to the Kuffs

“Metal Face DOOM is back and now is going purely hip hop with Jnerio Jarel creating JJ DOOM “Banished” is an non stop fury of lyrical shots and aggressive beats not hear since the early 90’s.”

18. “Mercy” - Kanye West ft. Big Sean Pusha T, 2 Chainz - Album: Mercy

19. “Pulleys” - Animal Collective - Album: Centipede Hz

“They are back and this track is in the same fantastically weird style that they are known for.”

Our Art Director Tad chose some soothing melodies:

20. “A Walk” - Tycho - Album: Dive

21. “Threnody” - Goldmund - Album: The Malady of Elegance


22. “It’s A Wonderful Life” - Sparklehorse - Album: It’s A Wonderful Life

“Taking a walk down memory lane.  Love the crackly nostalgia.”

Drew picked:

23. “No Destination (Fight Or Flight)” - Hoobastank - Album: Fight Or Flight

Sean contributed these two tracks:

24. “Undone In Sorrow” - Crooked Still - Album: Still Crooked

25. “Building Better Bridges” - Listener - Album: Wooden Heart

And finally, Mike concludes our wonderful September playlist with these three numbers:

26. “Tip of the Tongue” - The Donnis Trio - Album: All Directions

27. “Better Than Love” - Griffin House - Album: Flying Upside Down

28. “Into the Wild (Live) - LP - Album: Into the Wild

Hope you all enjoyed this fully packed 28 track playlist. Stay tuned for more monthly staff playlists!