Aug 24


Jacob Tell, Sean Campos, Mike Wald
For fifteen years Oniracom has grown into a leading creative marketing agency in the Santa Barbara area, but the company success was not achieved overnight. The Oniracom brand originated at 1453 Jameson street in the city of Montecito, with a small team in a duplex. Gradually, the team started to feel congested as they expanded up to fourteen people and realized the need to relocate. Jacob Tell, Sean Campos, and Mike Wald saw this as an opportunity to immerse Oniracom into a larger community. The chosen current location of 720 East Haley in downtown Santa Barbara is a vital part of the Oniracom success. The new town allowed them to expand their client target to the many small businesses in the area by actively outreaching and physically connecting. Oniracom has grown its reputation within the community and its broad range of clients by taking that opportunity to relocate.

Oniracom Building

In 2009 Oniracom signed the lease for the Haley office. A massive amount of work was to be done on the building as they had to completely revamp it into an working space. From Thanksgiving 2009 to February 2010 the space was under construction. Simple things including electricity and plumbing had to be added, but the team did not let it stop their energy. They painted floors and gutted the upstairs while working, leaving half of the building to construction, while the other half of the office was being used to continue on current projects. In summer of 2010, the upstairs offices of Jacob Tell, Mike Wald, and Sean Campos were completed with the Oniracom creative touch. Thanks to Matthew McAvene, Jacob’s office includes a painted mural that gives clients a first impression behind the mindset of the team.

Jacob Tell Office

Friend and client, Matthew McAvene is a talented musician and artist who was a pivotal part in the recreation of the Haley building. CEO Jacob Tell said he allowed McAvene to use the space as his creative art gallery with his work showcased throughout the office. McAvene transformed the working space with colorful paint and artwork. The first elements that helped shape the office aesthetic are the pieces McAvene used in his live performance, these pieces include tikis, large fish, and painted masks that are extremely unique. McAvene’s work was seen in the 2016 Summer Solstice benefit parade which honored Forrest Holt, a young boy with medical difficulties. He used massive puppets that are now displayed around the office while they continue to bring attention to the cause for curious visitors. McAvene’s work truly brings in a unique essence to the building, his artwork is creative, expressive, and goes towards a good cause.

MCAvene Puppets

MCAvene Mural

The office space aura is relaxed and open with very few walls in-between working spaces. Along with the open door policy, the office is well-aimed towards artistic expression and the allowance for open communication. The Oniracom space is a wonderful representation for what the company admires and stands for. During the day the office acts as a relaxed work environment, and after hours it is open for local events and charities. Past events include the Solutions for Dreamers Fridays, a mixer for entrepreneurs, artists, and community builders. Local Startup companies have also attended the Oniracom hosted StartupSB S’More Startupsoutside in the companies parking lot. The events include music, food, and local speakers covering topics of entrepreneurship. The office is a perfect place for these communal events as a nostalgic reminder of the original reasons for constructing the Haley location, immersing into the community.

Oniracom Office

The transition to Santa Barbara marked a shift in the company with a new goal of influencing the community rather than focusing solely on creative artists. CEO Jacob Tell recognized the need for rooting Oniracom within the Santa Barbara network. With a new strategy in place, the company started to take on clients which include the Santa Barbara Bowl Santa Barbara Bowl, Blush restaurant, Santa Barbara Earth Day, and Sonos . As Oniracom spread out its focus to a larger spectrum of clients, they started to realize the magic of the beach town. A new network of clients opened doors to partnerships and friendships that the Oniracom team prides itself on. For business owners alike, the opportunity for immersing your company into the community has extreme benefits. It allows you to increase your neoteiry behind your name while inviting potential clients to see the that your company to provide more than just services. Oniracom shows that they can provide solutions for the community at large. A concrete example of this success story is a project called The Lagoon District, whose goal is to create a network of local businesses around the area. Check out the link here to continue being inspired by the community, just as we are.