Apr 20


Botlist The App

Botlist. Didn’t you hear? It’s what all the newest phones are raging about!

Botlist is an app store for bots. That’s right, there’s now a centralized directory for all the bots you’ll ever need in one place, rather than from a variety of different apps and services. Compiling potential outlets that range vastly hopes to save time and room on your mobile devices.

Botlist is still relatively new, so it does have a couple bugs that have yet to be remedied. For these reasons, it is not yet considered a “real” app store. For example, the installation process needs tending to; some links will allow you to download the bots directly, and others will link you to the original website instead. Also, the formatting is simply a screenshot from the bot’s Product Hunt listing - quite primal. It doesn’t just lack modern flair; it would be more beneficial if viewers (and potential downloaders) could watch a demo, or at least see the process in action.

Botlist bugs

With an array of different categories and platforms such as “Marketing”, “Productivity”, and “Strategy”, the organization makes the apps you’ll need easy to find. Botlist is a great way to introduce all the different types of bots if you’re new to the game, and are still familiarizing yourself with its basic functions. There currently lists around 400 bots from different services so far, which isn’t a bad start.

Botlist Platforms

Why is this a big deal, and why are bots becoming more popular? Because nowadays, people aren’t downloading as many apps anymore. They’re sticking with the ones they know and have. New apps mean more storage, which mean less space. Is it possible that this layout of bots can also help creative marketing agencies such as Oniracom? Maybe once the glitches are fixed.

This platform makes it easier to have all the necessities you look for in an app in one place for your devices. Just the same, Oniracom provides all the necessities to put on exemplary campaigns, events, and platforms. Botlist is playing off of two main strengths: organization and convenience. Oniracom provides these same platforms on a larger scale, with added flare. Contact us if you’re ready to jump-start your vision.