Sep 20


For artists, Modlife is the next-generation of interactive online media and provides Artists a platform equipped with the tools necessary to build an excited, engaged, and loyal community of fans. A Modlife site is the place for fans to interact with artists directly.

Modlife seems to be a new social network for fans as well as a streamlined concentration of all the best tools and features of the most popular multiple social media websites in one location:

Key Modlife Features Include:

  • A Digital Shop (like that of an artist’s official site) to sell your music and videos.
  • Customer Service and Site Statistics (like insight or Google Analytics)
  • ModCasts downloadable podcasts (like iTunes)
  • Fan Loaded Content - videos and photos (as fans do on Facebook)
  • Downloadable audio (like MySpace)
  • Mobile solution allowing blogs and photos to be sent from your cell phone (like Twitter)
  • Blogs, Videos, News, Lyrics, Bios, Links, Promotion Banners, Press, Mailing Lists, Dealer Locators, Product Pages (like an artist’s official site)

... and then some:

  • Pay-Per-View Events
  • Advertising Revenue Sharing
  • Premium Membership infrastructure
  • ModBlast - Live ongoing instant-text chats with fans
  • Tour/Appearances with Automated Meet-and-Greet System
  • Twitter - Full integration of your Modlife activity into Twitter updates
  • ModCam - Live video broadcasts direct from you to your fans
  • Easy-to-Use Back-end Interface

Modlife Featured Artist

The Angels and Airwaves’ header above contains links for each of the above features described, an ad which promotes (and links to) their latest album, as well as a secondary ad that promotes fan interaction. All in 16 square inches!

Modlife’s goal is to reward loyal fans and to create a new revenue stream for content creators through a high level of interactivity between celebrities and fans. Modlife’s business model is based on a community of fans who create profiles, leave comments, and engage in live text chats with each other and with their favorite celebrities.

Although this website bundles the best features of the multiple social networking sites Oniracom utilizes, it is unlikely to replace said sites. Therefore, will this merely become one more site to the same videos, blogs, and posts to? If this site were to pull uploaded information, tour dates, the latest blogs, etc from given artist’s existing social pages and do the grunt work of concentrating all these media it would be truly revolutionary. Presently, Modlife does this only with the integrated Twitter feature. For example, the Angels and Airwaves shop links out to an independent website, meaning both sites would have to be managed on separate accounts. Although Modlife claims to provide streaming music, none of their “Featured Artist” pages have such modules. If they did however, this tool would likely draw many fans who otherwise use MySpace for its streaming music.

Their Celebrity Roster Includes: Angels and Airwaves, Mayday Parade, The White Stripes, KORN, and many more. Rumored pages include Blink 182, Dashboard Confessional, and New Found Glory.