May 31


Likester is “the global popularity engine,” here to help you understand what people like on Facebook. This includes anyone from your best friends to people you have never met that live across the world. The site is broken up into five major sections: My Likes, Friends, Everyone, Trending and Like List. With these tabs, you are able to sort through popular likes on Facebook in comparison to your own personal likes. Likester is potentially a great tool for social marketing; it can help any Facebook page increase their fan base!


“My Likes” provides an interface to easily view the items you personally like. Here you can sort you likes as entertainment, people, places and things. Likester displays how many of your friends like the same things as you, and how many total Facebook users like the same pages. When comparing your likes to others, you have the option of browsing according to the location of users. Additionally, you can manage your likes through Likester.

The “Friends” and “Everyone” is very similar to “My Likes,” but focuses on sorting the popularity of liked items among your friends and all Facebook users.


“Trending” provides live updates of what people are liking right now. Users are able to sort through trends of today, the last week and the last month. You can see the popularity of an page progress, and catch the latest trends.


In addition to the main tabs, Likester suggests relationships among items. When looking at a page, Likester shows you a list of what other pages fans like and dislike. For example, when looking at Jack Johnson, likester might show you that fans of his page are also fans of G. Love and Special Sauce. As of now, only 50,000 Facebook pages are capable to displaying relationships.


Likester also displays “heat maps.” Essentially, heat maps show you where the Facebook page is popular. For example, Barack Obama’s page may be popular globally, while In-N-Out may only be hot on the West Coast.


While Likester is a fun tool to view Facebook likes for all industries, it is especially useful for social marketing. By knowing what and who your followers like, you can adapt and cater to their likings, and potentially attract more fans to your own page.

Likester is definitely a cool new site that everyone should check out, whether you are trying to attract more people to your Facebook page or simply just a Facebook fanatic. Be sure to check out Likester at: