Apr 21


Integrate or Die


Facebook Pandora

Today’s online networking environment requires simplicity and solutions in response to demand. First people demanded a more open Facebook, and now they’re demanding ease and integration. Everyone tweets, posts, updates, links, likes, comments, and tags these days, and although Facebook is admittedly the best, there will always be room for improvement. This stage in the social networking game will be won with easy and open integration. Facebook and Pandora are on the leading edge of the key players in this relatively new game.

Facebook recently announced that it was going to begin a partnership with Pandora to create a new music-based social networking experience. Pandora Internet Radio, also know as the music genome project, has been a wildly popular medium for listening to music online. They were one of the first to break down music by tone and offer a flawlessly accurate synthesis of songs, genres, and artists that run along a similar vein of musical latitude. Pandora is also available from most 3G smart phones as an app for major mobile operating systems. Facebook, currently the most popular and active social network, has made it’s way to the top through simple and seamless changes. The website recently announced that they are going to be changing some things, in order to make the facebooking experience more open.

Our last blog post was about how Facebook has opted to phase out their traditional “become a fan” button for Facebook pages. They have been replaced by a new concise and streamlined “like” function, which will automatically integrate things that you “like” into your social network. Facebook and Pandora plan on taking advantage of this new function by making your favorite music more tangibly accessible within your social network. The like button will now appear not only on Facebook, but all of their partnering sites, most notably: yelp, Microsoft Docs.com, and Pandora. Now with the click of a button, your taste in music Genome will be shared with your friends via Facebook, and integrated into your page and news feed. The partnership promises to be beneficial to Facebook, Pandora, and end users, given that the integration is smooth and private for end users.

You can learn more about the recent changes to Facebook here.