Mar 12


It’s a good time for music everyone. First off, can I get a yes and an amen to the man of my dreams since pre-teenhood, Justin Timberlake and his new album The 20/20 Experience dropping next week?!



I thought so. Something we can all agree on, he’s come a long way since the days of frosted tips… it’s okay JT, we love you even in your darkest hour. But honestly, is there anything better than a pop prince nodding to old pop with flavors of mo-town, jazz, sweeping violins and good old fashioned smooth beats?

In all actuality, music’s been getting creative, both in musicianship and the way it’s being brought to life in music videos. This brings me to my main topic of discussion: The ethereal bizarro magic show that is the new Beach House video for “Wishes” on their new album out Bloom.

Directed by Eric Warheim, (of Tim & Eric fame) this video brings the mundane to life in the half-time show I wish happened in real life.  Featured actor Ray Wise, yes, Robin Scherbatsky Sr., makes his very own debut as singer extraordinaire.

Here is what I love about this music video, beyond the obviously amazing production value:  I love that it makes me feel like anybody can do anything.  It’s easy to write it off as simply strange, but this video has an unlikely body singing with an unnatural voice. Yes, I am aware it isn’t really Ray Wise singing, but it inspires me to believe that maybe even a man like him could be Celine Dion for a day and bring the performance of a lifetime to a football stadium. I love the use of average-joe characters in a high school football stadium next to fantastical acrobatics, futuristic sports outfits and people with horseheads. Wouldn’t it be fun if that were what happened at your local high school games? At risk of sounding pretentious and even perhaps a bit mentally unstable for liking this video so much, I leave you with this closing question: What is your greatest wish when nobody’s looking?

For me, it’s more of this incredible music video. Without further adieu, here it is folks, enjoy!