Feb 18


Here Buds

The Doppler Lab buds are HERE. Literally. This generation has become one that is constantly moving toward new and innovative technology. To survive in this industry of entertainment and all its accessories, you have to be original. Originality is hard to come by when almost everything has been done, but Doppler Lab’s Here buds has accomplished this feat engineeringly and experientially.

The product began on Kickstarter, with about 2,000 backers who contributed a total of more than $600K, not to mention that the wait list has 30,000 people on it. Most of the support comes from avid music listeners who have a desire to fine tune their individual musical experiences. What makes them so appealing is the customization of real life experiences. Where’s the best place to market this savvy gadget to die-hard music fans? Coachella. Doppler Labs is teaming up with Coachella for an experiential marketing campaign, putting the effectiveness, durability, and practicality to the test. Each ticket purchase comes with the buds.

The Here buds allow control of what’s right in front of you for both audience members and artists - heightening the bass, lessening the treble, adding echos, or just tweaking the overall volume… it’s all possible now. Coachella is the prime event to test the reactions of people who now have the agency to tailor live shows to their liking (all to a certain extent), and get raw feedback from a slew of music listeners. The Here Active Listening System allows “regular people” to temporarily play DJ, every Coachella go-er’s dream.

Here at Coachella

The idea is to accessorize your real life experiences; it’s like adding an extra filter to your picture, an extremely customized filter. The innovation of these buds is striking - “whatever you’d hear without them, you hear with them at the exact same time”, playing with the concept of audio augmented reality and making it a contender against future audio accessories.

Doppler Labs is honing in on the ear as the focal point of new experiences to make life’s most memorable experiences that much more special. Oniracom aims not only to enhance your experiences in one sense, but in all of them. Fine-tuning all the details of your event, campaign, or project to make each experience an unforgettable one can be tough, but we’re Here for you.