Apr 27


FB Chatbots

What’s new with Facebook? As the company continues to improve, new technology is introduced. Facebook has announced chatbot and Live Chat. This has the potential to replace 1-800 numbers and other “Help” related outlets. Facebook is working with Live Chat developers who can potentially build contact buttons that directly message people for help on websites. Instead of having to email or call help stations, customers can interact with someone on Live Chat, which optimizes efficiency, timeliness, and customer satisfaction. Happy customers = Happy business.

Most businesses, including Facebook, aren’t equipped with all the resources to make chatbots themselves. This is why they are “currently providing developers with API tools to build chatbots and Live Chat web plug-ins for business clients.” We see Facebook steering toward catering not only for personal intent, but for B2B connections. Establishing these chatbots promotes convenience, speed, the power of the social network, and technological advancements aiding in communication.


In addition, Facebook has already found marketing partners, who allow businesses to “find technology and service providers that help businesses with ads, content, measurement and community management.” One thing that these particular partners lack, however, is distinction from partners that can specifically assist with the messaging portion, which is the main focus.

Facebook might also allow ads within messaging to make it possible for advertisers to send messages to people and businesses who have contacted their company in the past. Another possibility Facebook has is letting businesses pay for preferred placement on the suggested businesses list. The potential to promote other businesses is definitely an option, establishing community and support through such a large platform as Facebook.

Messaging ads

Unable to start a Chatbot revolution on its own, Facebook has fostered a support system of developers to help accomplish goals they would otherwise be unable to execute. Just the same, Oniracom will pair with you to capitalize on both parties’ strengths to ensure the successful execution of your vision.