Dec 17


In the past year I’ve been getting more involved in shooting live music, and one of the people that I’ve been able to meet through it is Anna Webber, a highly accomplished live music and studio photographer for the music industry.  She began studying 35mm B&W photography, printing and processing, at age 18 under British photographer of rock music Jill Furmanovsky in Florence, Italy 2005. Furmanovsky was responsible for images of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon tour, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, The Pretenders, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Blondie, The Clash, and many more.

The following summer, she met and aligned herself with Baron Wolman (wikipedia him), the first lead photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine.  She spent summer of 2006 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as his intern and assistant.  During this stint, she flew with him to gallery openings, helping to document Mr. Wolman’s activities through both photographs and the written word. In his studio, she helped catalog and touch-up Mr. Wolman’s priceless collection of rock shots from the late 60s through the present.

I was able to catch up with Anna this past week and get some insight on her views on the industries of photography and music, and how they intersect.  Have a read:

SFDblog: Who do you shoot for and where are your images primarily used?
Anna: I am a freelance photographer and music writer for LA Weekly, and gettyimages. The LA Weekly material is exclusive to run through LA Weekly, but will also appear on my blog at GettyImages is a clearing house that syndicates images out, which can then be purchased by publications worldwide for use online, in-print, or for television. My photos have also been featured in Angeleno Magazine, Rolling Stone, Forth Magazine NY, THEM magazine, LA’s Campus Circle publication, and others. Primarily, I shoot independently, shooting album cover art and commercial collateral.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken this year?
Yeesh…  I will go with King Washington‘s main shot - the four piece band on a broken white bench, processed in HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging), really super saturated and vibrant…

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Nov 12


Maui ‘09 - Part One

Author: tbone

I’m lucky enough to have some great friends who live in Maui.  I would honestly hitchhike to Missouri to visit these people, but they’ve made it extra easy on me by living in an amazing tropical beauty-scape. 

While I love the beach, I’m not really designed for it. I burn easily and am attracted to shade.  I work in a low-light room doing web layouts all day and am statistically more likely to be inspired by an artist’s rendering of a beach than by the beach itself… Eventhough my desk is about two blocks from the Pacific Ocean.  Oh - and I’m ok with that. 

So it is with this self acceptance that on my vacation I journeyed inland from the beaches of Maui and looked for the expressions and visual tokens of people who need to build a life and career first and hit the beach second… or third.

Click here to see the full slide show.
(It’s a Flash slideshow… sorry iPhones).

On a technical note, these photos are shot on Fuji Provia iso100 color reversal film processed in C-41 chemicals.  See “cross processed” or the slang “x-pro”. I have some digital photos as well which I’ll post in a separate slide show.


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Oct 14


This past weekend, I was running around as the Official House Photographer for Santa Barbara’s New Noise Music Conference & Festival.  It was a blast attending both the shows and the music industry panels (future blog posts will unfold my thoughts on these).  Over a span of three days, I saw and shot probably over 40 sets of music at night and ran around the industry panels all day.

Here is a comprehensive look at what you missed if you weren’t there:

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Oct 06


Oniracom will be well represented at this weekend’s New Noise Music Conference and Festival, held in Oniracom’s backyard of Santa Barbara, CA.  New Noise Santa Barbara is a three-day music and digital media conference that will showcase emerging and established bands, host educational panels on the music industry’s hottest topics, present esteemed experts from all aspects of the business, and serve as a place for players big and small to connect and plot the future of music….

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Sep 25


I got the chance to head out to West Beach Festival to support two of our clients, G. Love and SOJA.  Both of them played great sets to a barefoot crowd of thousands who were hanging out on the beach and loving every second of the festival.

It’s always great when you see great music come to your hometown, especially when you know it will happen again the next year.  Many thanks to Twiin Productions for putting on the successful event.  Can’t wait to see what the lineup is like next year.

Below are some pictures I shot while at the Festival on Saturday (many more coming!).  Double click on the picture to see a larger version.

Ben Harper

Ben Harper


The Bravery


The Festival Grounds in Santa Barbara, CA

G. Love

G. Love & Special Sauce

Rey Fresco

Rey Fresco

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