Sep 15


We recently launched the new to coincide with the release of Zee Avi’s new record ghostbird, off Brushfire Records.

The site features new aesthetics that embody the overall vibe of ghostbird - give it a look and check out more from Ms. Zee Avi!

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Aug 17


Last Wednesday night, a crew of us jammed down to LA after work to hit up a house party and special Zee Avi concert at Brushfire Records. The event was one of many surrounding the release of Zee Avi’s upcoming record, ghostbird, which hits stores August 23rd and is on pre-sale now

We hustled through surprisingly no traffic, and got to Brushfire Records just in time. After chatting with our buddies there and hitting up the killer tacos they had grilling in the back (SO GOOD), all the guests gathered into one of the rooms in Brushfire’s backyard recording studio, the Solar Powered Plastic Plant. Once the crowd was in place and ready to go, her tiny Greatness, Ms. Zee Avi, walked in guitar in hand and smile wide. Followed by a film crew from Starbucks who were on site filming the event, she plugged in and welcomed the crowd with her infectious demeanor and subtle hilariousness.

Zee Avi

Zee Avi doing what she does best. Filmed by Starbucks crew.

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Sep 29


I’m diggin’ on this blog, Copy Cat, where people can upload covers of songs. 

Not only can you find your favorite songs covered but you can also find some of your favorite artists taking a stab at other peoples songs. 

Their tagline says it all: “No Original Content Here!”

So far we like Beck covering The Flaming Lips, Norah Jones covering Wilco, Elliot Smith covering The Beatles and Oniracom’s client Zee Avi of Brushfire Records covering Interpol.

You can check them out at or have your covers delivered right to your door step by following them on Twitter.

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