Oct 30


Right now, as I write this, sitting next to me are two of my acoustic guitars. My new Martin sits by my desk, its warm, rich mahogany gleaming in the low light. I can almost smell it from here. On the neck a rare and beautiful rosewood from East India is laid where my fingers go, along with solid Black Ebony and Sitka Spruce details. And then there’s my Taylor. The top is a crispy crackling Sitka Spruce, making it loud and bright. Indian Rosewood runs across the back and sides of my instrument, and this fingerboard is a solid piece of ebony, a deep, durable but extremely rare wood.

So let’s get this straight…in my room right now, I have mahogany, rosewood, ebony, and Sitka Spruce. Common sense makes it seem wrong. In most countries, these are illegal to harvest. In fact, ebony can now only be found from one country in bulk, the small Eastern African country of Cameroon. But still, when a well-versed guitar player walks into a guitar shop, he or she will insist on therarest woods on the planet. Why?

Back in the 1930’s C.F. Martin & Co. was producing instruments of mahogany, Brazilian Rosewood, and other high-quality tonal woods from all over the world with free reign.


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Oct 13


New Noise Santa Barbara was a great success.  Being their first year, nobody was certain how heavily attended the concert component or conference component would be.  Both turned out to be a success!  People raved about Michael Franti’s Arlington Theatre performance, Jack Johnson’s film screening with last minute acoustic performance as well as many of the sold out club shows. 


The New Noise Panels were also well attended and talked and tweeted about all weekend.  I was asked to speak on two panels, “The Future Is Unwritten” and “The Green Musician.”  Below I’ve written a list of 5 items from each panel that I learned from other panelists.

What I learned from other panelists on “The Future is Unwritten:”

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What I learned from other panelists on “The Green Musician:”

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Sep 30


5) Panels, Panels, Panels
-Valuable for anyone interested in the music industry at all levels of knowledge.  Some awesome panelists and topics lined up!

4) Shows, Shows, Shows
For $40 you can see 46 bands over 3 days.  Pretty remarkable, right?  Here’s the lineup and schedule.

3) Michael Franti & Spearhead at the Arlington Theater
Pay a little extra cash and you can check out Michael Franti at the Arlington Theater, just like he did for our SFD Festival!

2) Jacob Tell of Oniracom will be speaking on TWO panels!
Check out “The Green Concert” and “THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN: Exploring The New Frontier In Music” panels to hear our Jacob Tell (VP of Oniracom) speak!

1) World Premiere of Jack Johnson’s New Live Movie: En Concert
What better way to see Jack’s new film then with 2,000 other fans in the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara??

For all the details, check out newnoisesb.com.


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