Sep 08



Oniracom and Playback Recording Studio host the second Solutions for Dreamers Fridays event of 2015, a networking mixer for creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and community builders.

We will be unveiling some amazing art by Matthew McAvene for the Tiger Heroes initiative, so be sure to wear whiskers and ears to get in the spirit!

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Feb 25


Thank you for making Solutions for Dreamers Fridays a huge success!

The crowd, food, chat, live music & of course, s’mores were all a hit! Thank you to Playback Recording Studio, StartupSB, and Up Global Regional Summit for helping us put on the event.

Here’s to more SFD Friday Nights! Check out some photos of the night, below!

Photos by: Tad Wagner, Jacob Tell & Mike Wald





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Jan 16


With our fast pace of business, 2014 already feels like history.  Here’s an impressive look back at our year.

(click on the image to go full size)

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Sep 14


The time has come for some employee spotlights! This edition, we’d like to feature our cheery Account Manager, Haaris Ahmed! We asked Haaris to answer a bunch of quirky questions about himself and here’s what he came up with:


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Dec 03


In april 2010, Google released an online advertising service to support small businesses in their online advertising, DFP Small Business. DFP stands for DoubleClick for Publishers, and DoubleClick is of course the company made rich and famous by annoying you on just about every other webpage before the advent of pop-up blockers. However, we can also thank DoubleClick for monetizing the internet and creating a new form of Advertising. DoubleClick was acquired by Google in 2007 and has since been augmenting and integrating with Google’s services creating an unprecedented network of advertisers.

DFP Small Business is a free hosted ad serving solution that helps online publishers manage their growing online advertising business. As opposed to AdWords, which allows you to advertise across Google?s ad networks on a Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing model, DFP actually has ad workflow and inventory features built in. DFP Small Business allows it’s users to upload an inventory of advertisements and prioritize them according to their value. DFP intelligently distributes Ads to target audiences by demographic, geography, and time. Google promises proper and effective ad delivery, utilizing not only their own AdSense features, but also third party services that offer similar management solutions.

If you are a publisher interested in these services, you can check out DFP Small Business here. If your business serves more than 90 Million impressions per month, you can contact Google about a DFP premium solution.

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Sep 12


Enjoy an interview for “Solutions for Dreamers : Season 3” by Oniric Records’ Executive Producers Jacob Tell & Brendan Moore. “SFD Season 3” is a benefit compilation album for The World Food Programme.

Thank you to Santa Barbara’s KCSB 91.9FM for airing the interview on September 7, 2010.

You will hear two songs within the interview segments: “A Step For Mankind” by The Wailers feat. Duane Stephenson & Bishop Lamont and secondly, “Mr. American” by Marc B.

KCSB’s Colin Marshall

Oniric’s Brendan Moore & Jacob Tell

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Sep 03



Hey everyone,

We are proud to announce Solutions for Dreamers : Season 3, the latest benefit compilation CD from Oniric Records, is now available on iTunes!

All proceeds from the album are being donated to The World Food Programme (WFP), an incredible organization that fights hunger worldwide.  The album features the single “A Step for Mankind” by legendary band The Wailers, featuring Duane Stephenson and Bishop Lamont.  Thirteen great tracks are accompanied with factoids about world hunger and The World Food Programme, showing this album’s strong passion to creating a difference in this world by taking care of its inhabitants.


Pick up the album today and know your donation is going directly to fight world hunger. If you would like to buy the album directly from us, you can do so here!  You also have the choice to download the album in high-quality MP3, Apple Losless, or FLAC. We like high-quality sound. : )

We at Oniric Records would like to thank each of these artists for their passion to fighting world hunger and for their generous time and effort in creating these tracks for our compilation.  Each of these artists is generously donating the proceeds of their track’s sales to WFP, so we strongly recommend you go support these artists and buy more of their music if you enjoy it!

Thank you for listening, and we genuinely hope you enjoy.

Sincerely, The Oniric Records Team


We want you to be able to sample a free track from the album,
click here to download Mr. American by Marc B!

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Aug 12


We are very excited to have recently launched the new website for our label, Oniric Records.

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Aug 06




Peter Tanham of Amp Music Marketing writes, “When we start working with any musician, two of the most important goals we start with are:

    1.) Build a strong mailing list
    2.) Build a popular Facebook page

Fans are going to be more comfortable interacting with the artist through these mediums, and they are also the ones that drive the most sales.”

Highlights from this article include:

  • The importance of Facebook Ads

  • Implementing effective Facebook Ads

  • 1.) If You Like Those Guys…  it’s called a “power play,” pick musicians that are similar to your style and pay to be played to their fans.

    2.) Building A Good Landing Page: make sure your Facebook ad redirects them to a customized landing page which will encourage them to click the “like” button with some incentive to hear or get your music. Make sure it is the most similar sounding music to the artist you referred to in the “power play.”

    3.) Target Your Ads… and run multiple campaigns!

    4.) Ask Questions. Encourage Clicks and Likes - (reference pseudo ad image on the left).

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    Jul 23


    The legendary reggae band the Wailers, historically known for being Bob Marley’s band, have recently partnered with us on a project to benefit humanity. The Wailers’ Aston “Family Man” Barrett, and lead singer Koolant have teamed up with reggae star Duane Stephenson to produce their new track, “A Step For Mankind” to benefit the united Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP). The official music video for the track has been released and is now up for viewing on the Wailers YouTube channel.

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    May 27


    SFD: 3We, through our label Oniric Records, announce that legendary reggae band The Wailers have contributed an exclusive new track titled “A Step for Mankind” to our “Solutions for Dreamers: Season 3” compilation album. This compilation, to be released July 1, 2010, is the third in our Solutions for Dreamers series and all of the proceeds generated will go directly to the United Nations’ World Food Programme(WFP).

    The World Food Programme is the world largest organization fighting hunger on a global scale. WFP is committed to getting food to where it is needed, saving the lives of victims of war, civil conflict, and natural disasters. Each year, on average, WFP feeds more than 90 million people in more than 70 countries. We at Oniracom and Oniric Records have been inspired the work the WFP does and are proud to partner with them on Solutions for Dreamers: Season 3.

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