Apr 20


Botlist The App

Botlist. Didn’t you hear? It’s what all the newest phones are raging about!

Botlist is an app store for bots. That’s right, there’s now a centralized directory for all the bots you’ll ever need in one place, rather than from a variety of different apps and services. Compiling potential outlets that range vastly hopes to save time and room on your mobile devices.

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Apr 18



We live in an age of music, creativity, and expression. Part of today’s culture is harboring a community. Concerts are everywhere, and now there’s even more reason to see what all the hype is about. Ticketmaster has teamed up with Facebook so we can now buy tickets directly through their website on event pages.

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Dec 12


I was a bit confused this morning when I was about to post a picture on Instagram and was asked to either post to my followers or “direct.” Intrigued, I checked out the ‘direct’ option and realized that I could send a photo directly to one of my friends. What does this mean exactly? Well, to put it simply, it’s a private message. So the photo could only be viewed by them. Hm, sounds a bit like Snapchat, except without the automatic deletion of the photo. So what are the perks exactly?

With direct, you can choose a specific friend and type a direct message that goes only to them. They get to keep the photo and view it at any time. The fun part is, you can send direct messages up to 15 people, and according to TechCrunch, Instagram Direct also offers up suggested recipients (TechCrunch). Once you’ve sent an Instagram Direct, you can comment about the photo back and forth with who you’ve sent it to. You can also “Reply all” with another new photo or video.

This messaging feature adds a new form of engagement for the app, but I believe that most users will refrain from this feature, and will continue to use Snapchat or text messaging instead, since Instagram’s platform is mainly focused on all your followers and your main feed.

It’s interesting that through Instagram Direct, you must start the conversation with a photo message. Although the app is staying true to its roots, a fun and artsy Instagram photo should really be shared with all of your followers, don’t you think?

Read more details at TechCrunch here and watch the video preview below:

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Nov 10


Thank you to MySpace for recognizing Oniracom’s great design and implementation of their new beta profiles!

Jack Johnson has a new album and a new profile to go along with it! One of the best upgrades we’ve seen so far. We’re glad that he volunteered and we didn’t have to get pushy. After watching the featured video he has in the Expandable Marquee we realized he’s not a dude to mess with!

Make sure to check out Jack’s new profile and listen to some new tracks.

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Jun 28


Google Me

Author: jimmy

There are rumors flying around like crazy that Google is planning to launch a social network that will rival Facebook in the very near future.  It all started when Digg founder Kevin Rose tweeted the message below:

At the moment both Google and Facebook are not commenting on this speculation.  It is worth noting though that Facebook is rumored to be dabbling in the search engine market for their own.  This is a clear move into Google’s territory.  Perhaps Google finds that fighting offense with offense is the way to go here. 

Also, a new social network launch from Google could not come at a better time given the recent user dissatisfaction with Facebook’s privacy settings. 

Other rumors are stating that Google Me would combine Google’s Buzz, Wave and Orkut social networking features into one social network to rule them all.  Not to mention - an instant user base of about 200 million people too. 

Of course, at the moment this is all hearsay.  However, this doesn’t stop us from wondering and asking the questions - will it succeed or will it fail? 

What do you guys think?

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