May 16


Greetings fellow dreamers! This month we are giving you a jam packed playlist that’s essential for any and all road trips. We’ve got a whopping 118 tracks on this playlist that’s sure to last you on long car rides. Enjoy and feel free to *collaborate* if you have an Rdio account. Click our playlist below and then simply click “collaborate” to add your own personal tracks to the mix!

My picks:
“July” - Youth Lagoon
“Recover” - CHVRCHES
“Hold On” - SBTRKT
“You Make My Dreams Come True” - Hall and Oates

“Movin’ Right Along” - The Muppets

“San Francisco” - Foxygen
“When My Time Comes” - Dawes
“Don’t Let me Down” - Solange

Sam’s Town - The Killers (In its entirety)
The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me (In its entirety)
From Under the Cork Tree - Fall Out Boy (In its entirety)
Aim and Ignite - FUN (In its entirety)

“Casey Jones” - Grateful Dead
“Ramble On” - Led Zeppelin

Enter the 36th Chamber - Wu Tang Clan(In its entirety)
I Love You its Cool - Bear in Heaven (In its entirety)
Sea of Cowards - Dead Weather (In its entirety)

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May 09



Image taken from Mashable

As of today Youtube, the provider of cute puppy videos, funny news interviews turned viral and the just plain bizarre, is now implementing paid subscriptions to select partners. What does this mean exactly? It means that starting with a subscription fee of 99 cents or more per month, about 50 of Youtube’s top partners will no longer be free.

From a business standpoint, it makes complete sense. In order to keep supporting the higher valued content, YouTube needs to implement changes that actually place higher value on said content. However, in the age of Netflix, Hulu+ and countless other entities segregating content into free and paid subscriptions, the web-scape seems to be shifting in a major way. 

This isn’t an outrage and this isn’t the end of the world. What I do believe is that we can expect the days of television, film and the web as separate entities are coming to a close.

The lines have been blurring for the last five years in the media world with smartphones, iPads/tablets, and Xbox or Wii becoming a main video console for many. It seems that with recent changes such as this new feature with Youtube, we are closer than ever to all of these mediums merging, placing an emphasis on better content, while also creating revenue for that content. With this emphasis on better content, it seems YouTube is really trying to focus on fostering a greater creative environment rather than shafting its biggest fans. 

Rest assured puppy fans, nothing is happening to your favorite cuteness addiction, just the content that actually has a good deal of production value behind it. 


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May 06



Oniracom developed an interactive album release campaign for Everfound, a new band out of Colorado. The campaign leverages Twitter hashtags as a means to vote for songs. Fans are able to listen to previews of every track from the album and vote for their favorites. The song with the most votes is released at a set time based on the countdown timer on the website.

Get a full video walk-through of the site below, and be sure to visit it here!

Oniracom Portfolio | Everfound ( from Oniracom on Vimeo.

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Mar 31


BLUR More Social Motorola recently released their new Smartphone the Motorola DEVOUR on Verizon Wireless. The phone looks essentially like a shrunk-down and better-engineered version of their holiday marketing success the Motorola DROID. However the new Android powered Smartphone has not only received a firmware update, but also an innovative integrated social widget called MOTOBLUR (Motorola really takes to YELLING in their brand marketing, for the sake of your eyes I’ll refrain from emulating their extravagant use of text size).

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