Nov 10


Thank you to MySpace for recognizing Oniracom’s great design and implementation of their new beta profiles!

Jack Johnson has a new album and a new profile to go along with it! One of the best upgrades we’ve seen so far. We’re glad that he volunteered and we didn’t have to get pushy. After watching the featured video he has in the Expandable Marquee we realized he’s not a dude to mess with!

Make sure to check out Jack’s new profile and listen to some new tracks.

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Oct 21


Rumors are starting to fly about Googles new music service.

It seems as if the service will be going after Bing who is trying to offers users a better search engine.  Google’s music service would simply be an upgrade to their search results for music.  If you search for an artist like Jack Johnson it would now give you a small list of some of his most popular songs and videos pulling data from music services such as LaLa, MySpace, and iLike.  You can stream the music right there on the same search results page, watch the video and even click a link to download and buy it.  While nothing is official yet we have been working on updating some of our clients on those music services just in time for press release.

Check out the sneak peak at what the service might look at over at TechCrunch.

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Sep 24


MySpace has launched their sync service to many of their users world wide.  Right now you can sync your MySpace status update with your Twitter. 

The beta service was originally only available to celebrities and musicians like Oniracom clients Lenny Kravitz, John Legend, and Matisyahu.

The service is another great way for musicians to be able to update once and publish to several sites much like several third party Facebook apps that publish your Twitter updates to your profile wall.

We have been able to keep fans updated about new tours, album launches, and special opportunities through Myspace Sync. (Sizlocore)

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