Jan 21



“There’s not a minute to waste.” Uber is well aware of this concept, and has made quite the name for itself by taking advantage of that. How Uber manages to stay on top of its competition, however, is a constant struggle. Uber steadily tries to beat out neighboring competition like Lyft, taxi companies, and other alternative modes of transportation to keep their name on top. The solution? Customization.

The well-known Ride Request feature that we’re already familiar with just got much more personalized. Passengers can now stay updated with news and updates all with the convenience of Uber’s new service called “Uber Trip Experiences”, which delivers playlists, local news, and travel tips all to the palm of your hands. Although third party experts will control the flow of content, each ride’s personalization comes from Uber. “The time the content takes to consume will be synchronized with the estimated duration of the journey.”

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Jun 02


Last Thursday, Ubisoft, a French video game developer, sent a safe containing the new Watch Dogs game. Ninemsn, a digital media company in Sydney, Australia, received the mysterious package without the voicemail message that was intended to be sent with it by Ubisoft. The package began to beep and with much concern, Ninemsn evacuated its office and brought in a bomb-squad.

While marketing techniques created by Ubisoft have been innovative in the past, this PR went too far in its promotional effort to hype the video game.


“The PR company no doubt got carried away with their creativity and ended up sending us something the bomb squad had to open up,” said Hal Crawfor, Ninemsn’s editor.

In response, Upisoft issued a statement apologizing for the delivery that did not go as they had planned.

“We will take additional precautions in the future to ensure this kind of situation doesn’t happen again,” Ubisoft said.

Does this stunt negatively affect their business? While a mishap like this circulates in the media, negative publicity scares can also give a bad reputation to a brand. But Watch Dogs is still the fastest selling game released from Ubisoft, and their current selling goal remains at over 6 million.

PR stunt or nah?

Sometimes, the PR is just laughable. Or is it meant to be PR at all?

Last week, 50 Cent gave the internet a good laugh after videos of his bad pitch at the Mets game circulated. Was it a publicity stunt? With a new album and TV show set to release soon, it seems probable. But 50 Cent denied this claim on Good Morning America as he claims that the ball just slipped.


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Jul 10


iOS 7 Beta 3: Highlights

Author: carla

After announcing at WWDC 2013 a month ago, Apple has already released two Beta versions of iOS 7. The latest version, Beta 3, was just released to developers and has a few tweaks to the design and functionality. Here are some pictures and screenshots of how iOS 7 will look like and some of the highlights of the new system (iOS Beta 2 on left, iOS Beta 3 on right):

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Aug 11


Luke Archer, close Oniracom friend and partner, has launched a new project Cool Hand Look - a hands on marketing and production company.

Together with Luke, we built CoolHandLook.com to create the platform from which to highlight all that this multi-faceted venture encompasses.

Among some of his great projects has been working with fellow Oniracom client Courtney O’Donnell, including this music video  for her song, “Just Pretend.”

You may also like this “Max Payne Viral Video” he made with rapper Ludacris to promote his role in “Max Payne.”

Check out other Cool Hand Look projects and learn more at CoolHandLook.com


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