Apr 26


RAREFORM Ambassador Series: Marc Beauregard

Marc Beauregard has been featured on Rareform’s first episode of their Ambassador Series. Check it out!

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Feb 25


Marc Beauregard - An Interview With The Californian Songwriter

Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter Marc Beauregard stops and talks about where his music came from and where it’s going.

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Nov 07


Sacred Hills EP is a short, sweet snapshot of the long and winding journey of a man named Matt Costa. The E.P. has four tracks; two unpolished (but superior) classics hidden in the middle surrounded on either end by more sing-along, bigger produced songs. In other words the intro/outro tracks are nice, but like a geode, the gems are in the middle.

The single and opener, “Good Times” is a large celebratory sound reminiscent of the The Beatles, with colorful horns and that happy folk-rock feel, but the lyrics are somber, speaking of a return to hard times…a return to truth, to “the man I once was.” Back to reality. Matt is clever here, offering an economically timely piece. Roundabout the second chorus you get this feeling of, “Aha! I see what you’re doing here!”

The second track, “Never Change”, is the stand-alone classic.  It could have come from the past 80 years of music. The soundscape is reminiscent of Donovan or even an old Woody Guthrie ballad. Costa’s tired voice hinges on the feeling of a theme song or the ending credits to an old Western.  It’s almost got a smirk to it though…actually the whole album does. While the album spins, especially during “Never Change,” you feel a satisfactory buzz and when it ends, you wish it hadn’t.


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Oct 30


Right now, as I write this, sitting next to me are two of my acoustic guitars. My new Martin sits by my desk, its warm, rich mahogany gleaming in the low light. I can almost smell it from here. On the neck a rare and beautiful rosewood from East India is laid where my fingers go, along with solid Black Ebony and Sitka Spruce details. And then there’s my Taylor. The top is a crispy crackling Sitka Spruce, making it loud and bright. Indian Rosewood runs across the back and sides of my instrument, and this fingerboard is a solid piece of ebony, a deep, durable but extremely rare wood.

So let’s get this straight…in my room right now, I have mahogany, rosewood, ebony, and Sitka Spruce. Common sense makes it seem wrong. In most countries, these are illegal to harvest. In fact, ebony can now only be found from one country in bulk, the small Eastern African country of Cameroon. But still, when a well-versed guitar player walks into a guitar shop, he or she will insist on therarest woods on the planet. Why?

Back in the 1930’s C.F. Martin & Co. was producing instruments of mahogany, Brazilian Rosewood, and other high-quality tonal woods from all over the world with free reign.


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Dec 16


‎Marc B. is a good friend, talented musician, and great person. He’s recording a new album and we can’t wait to hear the finished product. We encourage you to check out the video below to get to know him better. He’ll be teaming up with Producer Kevin McCormick (Melissa Etheridge, Brett Dennen) to record his long awaited sophomore album.

We also encourage you to support his Kickstarter campaign for the new album and tour HERE.

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Sep 12


Enjoy an interview for “Solutions for Dreamers : Season 3” by Oniric Records’ Executive Producers Jacob Tell & Brendan Moore. “SFD Season 3” is a benefit compilation album for The World Food Programme.

Thank you to Santa Barbara’s KCSB 91.9FM for airing the interview on September 7, 2010.

You will hear two songs within the interview segments: “A Step For Mankind” by The Wailers feat. Duane Stephenson & Bishop Lamont and secondly, “Mr. American” by Marc B.

KCSB’s Colin Marshall

Oniric’s Brendan Moore & Jacob Tell

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Sep 03



Hey everyone,

We are proud to announce Solutions for Dreamers : Season 3, the latest benefit compilation CD from Oniric Records, is now available on iTunes!

All proceeds from the album are being donated to The World Food Programme (WFP), an incredible organization that fights hunger worldwide.  The album features the single “A Step for Mankind” by legendary band The Wailers, featuring Duane Stephenson and Bishop Lamont.  Thirteen great tracks are accompanied with factoids about world hunger and The World Food Programme, showing this album’s strong passion to creating a difference in this world by taking care of its inhabitants.


Pick up the album today and know your donation is going directly to fight world hunger. If you would like to buy the album directly from us, you can do so here!  You also have the choice to download the album in high-quality MP3, Apple Losless, or FLAC. We like high-quality sound. : )

We at Oniric Records would like to thank each of these artists for their passion to fighting world hunger and for their generous time and effort in creating these tracks for our compilation.  Each of these artists is generously donating the proceeds of their track’s sales to WFP, so we strongly recommend you go support these artists and buy more of their music if you enjoy it!

Thank you for listening, and we genuinely hope you enjoy.

Sincerely, The Oniric Records Team


We want you to be able to sample a free track from the album,
click here to download Mr. American by Marc B!

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Jan 16


It took a little bit of time and energy, but we’re psyched to announce that the new Marc B Music website officially launched today!

On this new and improved site you will find video, music, Marc’s latest tweets, pics, and tons more cool stuff!

Check it out at www.marcbmusic.com!!!

Marc B Website


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Jan 05


I recently got to catch up with the new addition to Marc B Music, bassist Yoni Berk, and ask him a couple of questions in order to introduce him.  We met Yoni while he was playing with another band that Marc had played with a couple times in Santa Barbara, and we are thrilled to say that we were able to acquire Yoni after his former band took a permanent hiatus.

His addition to Marc’s music thus far has been great, as his first time playing with Marc and Maxx (percussion) was in the studio for Marc’s upcoming track Mr. American, which was recorded for Solutions for Dreamers : Season 3 (coming Spring 2010!).  We pretty much knew from the collaboration at the studio that Marc, Maxx, and Yoni were born to play together, and Yoni bass playing at the live shows has really added a new element to Marc’s live sound, which we are all stoked on.

We have some video coming soon of the new band playing together, but for now..

Meet Yoni Berk:
Yoni with Rochelle Ballard
Yoni with Pro Surfer Rochelle Ballard

Oniric Records: Who the eff are you?
Yoni Berk: I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area to two Rabbis, and I moved to Santa Barbara to play music, philosophize on life, and teach.

What do you always have with you in your pocket? 
David Alper’s dredlock.

How long have you and Marc been playing together?
We started playing together in November, but it feels like forever.

Most Life-Changing Music Moment? 
Listening to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco for the first time. I lied down in my bathtub fully clothed, no water, and put on headphones. Try this remedy. What Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett were able to accomplish with this work will forever stay with me. I also recommend doing this with any Gomez or Animal Collective album.

What are you listening to these days? 
Well the list goes on and on. I’ve been trying to collect a lot of Israeli, African, and South American 1960’s pop/surf rock. Its been a blast so far being inspired by these genres.

Bands I’m stoked on right now: 

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Oct 01


Noise Trade is a service that offers music for free to anyone willing to give them five email addresses. This is another thing to add to your list of “stuff you must know if you like music.”  You know you have a list like that.  You know it.

Noise Trade was started a few years back by Musician/Songwriter Derek Webb.  The principle is simple.  People want music without paying.  Musicians want to get their music out there for people to listen to.  Noise Trade makes all of this possible.  The theory behind Noise-Trade is that grass-roots promotion is far more valuable to independent musicians than album sales.

Although early on Noise Trade’s catalog carried just Derek Webb and local Nashville-area artists; their list of bands has grown dramatically. Currently one can find indie-artists from all over the U.S.  We recently placed Oniric Records Artist Marc B on noise trade…check out the widget at http://marcbmusic.com/freemp3/

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