Dec 16



Our annual holiday party was a bit bigger this year! We were thrilled to have all of our jolly employees there and also some friendly clients! Since it was a bigger group, our White Elephant gift exchange was flooding with gifts! 29 to be exact. Also, Jacob surprised us all with some rad new Oniracom T-shirts (see below).

Some highlights from the gift exchange:

Tad’s annual drawing
This gift has been won by yours truly now THREE times in a row. Well actually my boyfriend & I. Our luck is going to run out soon…

Tiki Toss
I almost had this one in the bag! But then I had it stolen by Justin, and then it was stolen by Jason again to lock it in his hands.

Kinetic Sand
Still not completely sure why this one was popular as I’ve never seen it in action, but it was stolen 2 times as well!

Marnie the Dog Calendar
Appropriately won by Miss Tracy, we now have Marnie the Dog staring at us daily in the office. Cheers, Justin!

We enjoyed everyone’s company and we hope you all have a lovely holiday season.

Thanks to Tad for taking the most awesome pictures to date!








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Oct 31


We are helping our longtime friends Brushfire Records with promoting the release of their holiday album This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Volume II.

Utilizing Topspin’s platform, we created the This Warm December Store, featuring exclusive bundled packages of the CD or Vinyl version of the album, plus a collectible 12 post card set (the first 200 orders received a card signed by Jack Johnson). The album is currently on pre-order until it’s officially released on November 15.

This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Volume II is a 13 track compilation of both original tunes and classic covers by Brushfire’s artists., including Jack Johnson, whose joyous “In The Morning” can be heard in an exclusive Entertainment Weekly premiere here.

Here’s the full track listing:

01. “Party Hard” by Zach Gill
02. “Jingle Bell Rock” by Rogue Wave
03. “Christmas Blues” by G. Love
04. “In The Morning” by Jack Johnson
05. “Christmas Must Be Tonight” by Bahamas
06. “Home For The Season” by Neil Halstead
07. “Frosty The Snowman” by Zee Avi
08. “Let It Ride” by ALO
09. “Make Time” by Money Mark
10. “Winter Swell Blues” by Paula Fuga
11. “Christmas Cookies” by G. Love
12. “I Bet On Flying High” by Matt Costa
13. “Angel (Holiday)” by Jack Johnson

Pre-order the album today!

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Oct 21


That’s right, it’s here.  The holiday season is in.  No, not Christmas, not Halloween, not hanukkah or any thing like that no.  It is National Design Week!  The most glorious time of the entire year, and the design room is celebrating.

The National Design Awards have been handed out.  Here is one winner who caught my eye:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Picture 8

Bill Moggridge

Bill is the co-founder of IDEO, a global design consultancy, creating impact through design.  He is an industry design specialist and expert, most notably, he designed the world’s first laptop computer.

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