May 21


I used to watch Back to the Future and dream of how cool the world would be once we all had hoverboards and time traveling Deloreans, but as it turns out, the truth just might be stranger than fiction. Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the bizarrely great new tech of the future that is happening right now. Crazy right? Here are a few of my favorites so far.



The Tupac Hologram of Coachella is not really new news, but this is the stuff of Star Wars people.  We are living the dream.  There are so many possibilities at stake in the entertainment world and I can not stop geeking out about it. Supposedly there is to be a TLC Reunion … this pick is for you Lisa ‘Left Eye’.

Stick ‘N’ Find


Don’t be fooled by this lame name. This is revolutionary on a scale of one to Post-Its. The Stick ‘N’ Find is that thing that every forgetful 20-something like me has ever wished into existence: It is a small “sticker” that is connected to Bluetooth and through an app, you can find whatever it is stuck to. You know what that means? I will never lose my keys again… Probably. See the site here

Solar Power

Again, the concept of solar power has been around for quite some time, but according to this MIT Technology Review, there is a solar power conversion that will harness 50% of the sun’s energy versus the typical 20% that exists at the moment.  The implications this can have for sustainable and affordable energy could mean great things for our future.

Google Glass


Okay. So here’s the thing about Google Glass. It’s one of my favorites as in I hope it doesn’t really take off. Here’s why: It makes me feel like we will become the drones every Sci-Fi movie and Orwell novel has warned us against. Yet the Agent Cody Banks in me is just so excited to be able to access the endless information the internet has to offer as I walk to my too-far-away car or my favorite coffee shop. I guess you could say I am scared of how much I love this. I am living in conflict over this particular piece of tech.

In case you are wondering how such a strangely amazing device will integrate into out actual lives, not our super spy lifestyles, here is a video from Mashable showing New Yorkers’ reactions to Google Glass.

There you have it folks.  Some of these devices are innovative, practical and downright bizarre. But I am so glad to be living in the future nonetheless.